Feeling Good About Yourself Study Tips & Time Management

Positive Attitude

It is very important that our students at Rensselaer feel good about themselves during their pursuit of academic success. Often times our students have been at the top of their class or in the top ten to fifteen percent of their class in high school. When they come here this very often obviously changes. Everyone cannot be in the top 10% of their class and some of our students will be in the bottom 50% of our class.
The key here at Rensselaer is for students to strive to "do their best." Attending class regularly, doing homework and other assignments, getting help when you need it, and preparing well for tests and quizzes are the things students need to do to be "doing their best."
"students need to be
doing their best"
If you are a student who does these things routinely and are very conscientious about your approach to your studies you are, in fact doing your best. If that's true you and your families should keep your heads up high because you are given it your best effort regardless of what grades you achieve.
Clubs and Activities
Too often our students start comparing themselves to others and putting themselves down in terms of their abilities. Sometimes the high school methods used for achieving academic success do not work here so it's important to make those adjustments that we have previously mentioned.
It is also important to factor a social life into your college days. Part of feeling good about ones self is to participate in extracurricular activities that they enjoy or excel in. A good mix of academics and social endeavors are normally very helpful and necessary to reach what one would call success.
It's really important to understand that your love ones love you for you as a person and not just for your grades. Sure, they are very proud of those who get all "A's" but understand that most parents are just as proud of any other grades as long as you are doing your best!
Do not be self-deceived, however, about what "your best" is and be honest with your family and yourself about how things are going academically and what you need to do.
"be honest with your family
and yourself about how
things are going academically"
Although, I will grant you professional schools in the fields of law and medicine require a very strict numbers game for admission and without the high numbers you will not get in, it is still important to understand that one can only give his/her best effort regardless of the outcome.
Stay relaxed, do your best, have fun and keep yourself of sound mind and body and your Rensselaer experience will be one of great accomplishment.
Our hope is that you graduate from this great school with not only a fine academic education but also some strong social skills that will enable you to go back to your home community, or wherever you settle, and give back for the great opportunities you have been afforded. We hope you will be a strong contributor to your chosen profession but also a strong contributor to your community and especially your families.
There are great opportunities here at Rensselaer that will help you achieve these things if you take the initiative to reach out and grab them.
Think Positive
Feeling good about your life and your honest efforts will go a long way towards helping you reach your ultimate goal which for many is happiness!
Please contact our office if we can help you in any way. We would love to do our best to help you succeed.

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