Comprehension Test

What's happening in the pictures? Write the letters I through P on the lines.

(Images from book go here. Kristin: we need to think about how the students do this one.)

____     She cut herself with a knife, so he's trying to stop the blood with pressure. He's using a clean cloth.

____     He was eating soap, so he is drinking water. He may vomit.

____     He was choking, and he wasn't coughing or breathing. She has one hand on his stomach and she's

             pressing on it with the other hand.

____     The victim has a heart attack, and he wasn't breathing. He's giving him CPR (cardiopulmonary


____     She burned herself, so she's going to put a cold, wet bandage on her skin.

____     They're doing surgery in a hospital.

____     He's getting medicine from the pharmacist. He's going to take two tablets every four hours to relieve pain.

____     They're going to apply this cream to small injuries.