List of Campus Acronyms

Below is a "cheat sheet" of common acronyms and abbreviations used around campus.

Management Program and Business Related
ASAP As Soon As Possible
cc: "carbon copy;" used on memos and letters to show who else gets a copy
CEO Chief Executive Officer; ultimate decision-maker for a company
CFO Chief Financial Officer; person in charge of all finances and operations
DMM Design, Manufacturing, and Marketing
DSO Designing and Staffing (High-Performance) Organizations
FYI For Your Information; used on memos to indicate that no action is required
HRD Human Resources Development
IPO Initial Public Offering
Intro Introduction
MFG.SYS.MGMT. Manufacturing Systems Management
Mgmt. Management (sometimes abbreviated mgt)
MIS Management Information Systems
OR Operations Research (statistical study of operations)
R&D Research and Development


APO Alpha Phi Omega, a service fraternity that helps with lost and found and used book sales
C&CC Chapel and Cultural Center, located on Burdett Avenue, near Peoples Street
CC Alternate acronym for the DCC (Darrin Communications Center)
CDC Career Development Center (in the DCC); help finding jobs or coops
CII Center for Industrial Innovation; the tall white building on campus (near 15th Street)
Coop Cooperative Education; paid work that can be considered part of schooling (see CDC)
DCC Darrin Communications Center; the low brick building attached to the CII
DOSO Dean of Student's Office; located on the 2nd floor of the Troy Building
DSES Decision Sciences and Engineering Systems, an interdepartmental program
ECSE Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering; an RPI department
EMAC Electronic Media, Arts, and Communication; an RPI department
frat Fraternity; social organization for men (women's organizations are called sororities)
I&MS Instrumentation and Media Services (in DCC); source for audio-visual (AV) equipment
IES International Education Services, the office that helps with visas and such
ITS Information and Technology Services; the computer people on campus
JEC Jonsson Engineering Center; brick building next to CII
LL&C Language, Literature, and Communication; an RPI department
LRC RPI's Lighting Research Center, located in Watervliet
OMSA Office of Minority Students Affairs
PDE Office of Professional and Distance Education at RPI; also called RSVP
Pitts Pittsburgh building; home of the Lally School of Management and Technology
RA Research Assistant
RCS Rensselaer Computing System, the mainframe that supports campus computing
RSVP Rensselaer Satellite Video Program; distance learning program at RPI (also called PDE)
TA Teaching Assistant
VCC Voorhees Computing Center; the "church"
WRPI RPI's student-run radio station, FM station dial 91.5; plays a wide range of programs


AV Audio-Visual; equipment such as overhead and slide projectors and cassette players
Catch-22 A no-win situation created by bureaucratic "red tape;" from a book of the same name
CYA "Cover Your Ass;" documenting problematic situations to defend against later problems
Dept Department
DJ Disc-Jockey; person who handles music for a radio program or dance
DWI Driving While Intoxicated; a serious alcohol-related driving offense
ID Identification
KISS Keep It Simple, Stupid
Snafu Situation Normal: All Fouled Up