English as a Second Language

ESL Classes and Other Programs

Non-credit and credit English as a Second Language classes are available to a limited number of students who want/need work in order to function successfully as students or teaching assists. Placement in these classes is based on an interview with Jeannie Stiegler, the ESL Coordinator. As space in these classes is limited, priority will be given to first-year students and new teaching assistants.

Non-credit Classes

Oral Communication for TA's I

This course will focus on developing the language and teaching skills needed for successful communication in a classroom setting. Instruction in pronunciation will be supplemented with training in classroom techniques and cultural information about the American university classroom. Students will give short presentations and meet with the instructor to review and discuss them.

Oral Communication for TA's II

This course will continue development of language and teaching skills as begun in Part I, emphasizing pronunciation and classroom communication techniques. More short presentations for practice, review, and discussion with the instructor highlight the content of this course.

Listening and Speaking English

The main goal of this course will be to enable students to gain greater fluency in spoken American English. New varieties of language situations will be presented, and students will actively participate in discussions, role plays, and presentations.

Presentation Skills

This course will provide students with analyses of the kind of oral tasks they most frequently need to perform in typical American classrooms. Students will practice using language skills that can enhance their communication when faced with performing these tasks.

Research Writing

This course will provide students with a step-by-step format on how to write a dissertation or thesis. Students will first analyze model readings for language conventions, structure, and content and then practice writing their own parts of a dissertation, thesis or other research ready for publication.

Credit Class

ESL Expository (4 credits)

This class is open to all international students interested in improving their writing skills. This class is under the direction of the LL&C department.

Other Programs

Conversation Program

This program matches international students with American students, staff, or faculty members for about an hour a week of informal conversation. (Click here for application form).

Cassette Library

Students may borrow English as a Second Language audiocassettes for independent listening practice. Tapes and handbooks are in Sage 4404.

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