Making Social Appointments

In making appointments or informal plans, you can begin with general statements or questions to find out if the other person is interested. If you really want to meet, your conversation should become more specific so you can agree on a time and place. Here are some examples of sentences to use, starting with nonspecific statements and moving to more specific statements.

Would you like to get together some time?
I'll call you soon.
Let's have lunch one day next week.
Can I see you this weekend?
Is next week all right for you?
Can we meet tomorrow afternoon?
Please come by Wednesday between 3 and 4.
I'll pick you up Saturday night around 8:30.
Class begins Monday morning, April 21.
You have an appointment at 2:45 this Tuesday afternoon.
If you agree on a meeting time and a place, you should write them down in your calendar or notebook. If you can't agree at first, you can keep making new suggestions. Here are some examples.
Suggestions Responses
How about some time next month? No, I'll be on vacation.
Is next week a good time? Sorry, I'm busy all week.
Are you free Monday, the 28th? I have meetings all day.
What about the morning of the 2nd? That might be O.K.
That's Friday, May 2nd, at 10:30? Right. You got it.