Education: Values and Expectations

Vocabulary Exercises

Section 4: Words in Sentences

Read the definition of the following words and note their part of speech. Then use each one in a sentence.

1. norms (A): ways of behavior typical of a certain group (noun)
2. humbly (A): with deference; submissively (adverb)
3. contradict (A): be opposed to; go against (verb)
4. conducive (J): helpful; useful (adjective)
5. incompetent (E): unprofessional; not able to perform expected tasks or functions (adjective)
6. managerial (F): organizational (adjective)
7. administrator (P): one who coordinates a program (noun)
8. intimidated (T): frightened; discouraged (verb)
9. extracurricular (V): outside of schoolwork and studies (adjective)
10. participation (D): involvement; the act of taking part (noun)
11. fabrication (N): reporting false or inaccurate information (noun)


Vocabulary exercises taken from Beyond Language by Levine and Adelman, Prentice Hall, 1993.