Education: Values and Expectations

Vocabulary Exercises

Section 5: Synonyms

Choose the appropriate synonym from the list to replace the italicized word, and rewrite each sentence. Note: Change tense, singular and plural usage, and part of speech when necessary.

Word List

prohibited, varied, plan, abstract, emphasize, keep, official/administrative, guessed, sources of assistance, prevented from attending

1. Students find it difficult to maintain good grades every semester. (K)
2. American institutions of higher education are sometimes criticized for being too theoretical and not practical. (H)
3. Give yourself time to design a creative project. (H)
4. If you are familiar with your resources, you may feel more confident when problems arise. (W)
5. Academic success cannot always be predicted: many variables affect one's success. (V)
6. In many high schools in the United States, it is forbidden to chew gum. (A)
7. Professors of graduate classes often stress the importance of active participation in discussions. (H)
8. There is not always time to pursue one's diverse interests when studying takes up so much time. (A)
9 Sometimes, students must accept bureaucratic details as part of their academic life. (P)
10. Students who are caught violating the honor system can be suspended for a certain length of time. (M)
Vocabulary exercises taken from Beyond Language by Levine and Adelman, Prentice Hall, 1993.