Education: Values and Expectations

Vocabulary Exercises

Section 7: Phrases and Expressions

Which statement best conveys the meaning of the italicized words?

1. If a group of people is cliquish, they:  (V)

a. tend to exclude nonmembers.

b. are musical.

c. like to have many members.

2. Peer counseling involves cooperation between:  (U)

a. teachers and students.

b. students and students.

c. teachers and parents.

3. If a teacher wants to know whether you have any hands-on experience in the science laboratory, she wants to know:  (H)

a. if you have any practical, applied experience.

b. if you know the current theories.

c. if your right- or left-handed.

4. To learn the ropes, you must try to:  (W)

a. discover rules and expectations.

b. practice sailing a boat.

c. get tied up in an appointment.

Vocabulary exercises taken from Beyond Language by Levine and Adelman, Prentice Hall, 1993.