Education: Values and Expectations

Vocabulary Exercises

Section 2: Multiple Choice

Choose the word that best defines the italicized word.

1. Her leisure activities include reading and writing letters to her friends.  (B)

a. free time

b. work

c. unpaid

d. last

2. I could get a substantial amount done tonight if I work for a couple of hours.  (B)

a. little

b. large

c. adequate

d. marginal

3. It is appropriate to make an appointment with a professor before going to his office.  (E)

a. incorrect

b. believed

c. acceptable and expected

d. daring

4. It is important for students to take the initiative and be responsible for their own learning.  (F)

a. first step

b. defensive position

c. easy way out

d. passive role

5. The student was not motivated to perform well in her classes.  (I)

a. encouraged

b. stimulated

c. aware

d. asked

6. Many students are resentful of too many rules because they feel as though they are being treated as children.  (L)

a. happy with

b. bored by

c. angry about

d. concerned with

7. The professor compartmentalized her work and social time, and thus was able to enjoy both.  (L)

a. combined

b. left out

c. determined

d. separated

8. Anyone who is accused of a crime in the United States has a right to a lawyer.  (O)

a. charged with

b. told

c. escaped

d. freed

9. Americans feel that using someone's words in a research paper without referencing them is tantamount to stealing.  (O)

a. necessary

b. unbelievable

c. acceptable

d. equivalent

10. To understand another person's circumstance, it is important to listen carefully to his or her story.  (S)

a. situation

b. history

c. excuse

d. idea

11. There are many ways of enhancing one's study skills: begin with setting manageable goals.  (X)

a. improving

b. assisting

c. losing

d. combining

Vocabulary exercises taken from Beyond Language by Levine and Adelman, Prentice Hall, 1993.