Education: Values and Expectations

Vocabulary Exercises

Section 6: Fill In

First review the way the following words are used in Paragraphs J and K. Then fill in each of the blanks in the paragraphs below with the word that best fits the sentence. Note: Change the part of speech when necessary.

Word List

innovation (J), subordinate (J), egalitarianism (J), deadline (K), treat (K)

The School Director

The director of the private college worked very hard at his administrative duties. Each year, when applying for financial aid, he had to meet many _______________. Since he had already used up private sources of funding, he needed to think of other  _________________ ways to raise money.

Sometimes his position of authority left him isolated from his staff and students. Although he wanted an _________________ relationship with his faculty, he realized that they were his __________________. He tried to ___________ students with respect, even when he disciplined them for poor behavior.


Vocabulary exercises taken from: Beyond Language by Levine and Adelman. Prentice Hall 1993.