Here are some idioms commonly used by students in school. Match the idiom with its meaning.

____ 1. Cut the chatter; button your lip A. Sit down
____ 2. Move it! Hop to it! B. In a difficult situation
____ 3. Grab a seat C. All of you in the group
____ 4. To run something into the ground D. To overdo something
____ 5. In hot water; up the creek E. Move quickly
____ 6. To put in an all-nighter, to burn the midnight oil F. To admire someone
____ 7. Darn! Drat! Phooey! Rats! G. To think one is better than someone else
____ 8. Toughie; bad news H. Difficult
____ 9. You guys I. To study all night for a test
____ 10. To look down on someone J. Expressions that show disappointment
____ 11. To look up to someone K. To locate information in a book or magazine
Material taken from Culturally Speaking by Rhona Genzal and Martha Cummings, Harper & Row, 1986