Subtechnical Terms Applicable to All Scientific Fields


abolishment, abolition, to abolish
absolute, absolutely
abstract, abstraction
acceleration, deacceleration, to accelerate, to deaccelerate
accurate, accuracy
addition, additional, additionally, to add
adjacent, adjacency
administration, administrative, to administer
advantage, advantageous, disadvantage, disadvantageous
affected, to affect
aggregate, aggregation
alignment, to align
alternate, alternately, alternatively, to alternate
ambiguity, ambiguous, unambiguous
analogy, analogue
analysis, analytic, analytical, analyst, to analyze
angle, angular
answer, answerable, to answer
application, applicant, applicable, to apply
appropriate, appropriately, appropriateness
approximate, approximately, to approximate
arbitrary, arbitrarily
arithmetic, arithmetical, arithmetically
ascent, descent, to ascend, to descend
assertion, to assert
assumption, to assume
atmosphere, atmospheric
attainment, attainability, to attain
attributable, to attribute
authenticity, authentic, authentically, to authenticate
author, authority, authoritative, to author
average, to average
avoidable, unavoidable, to avoid
awkwardness, awkward, awkwardly
axis, axes, X axis, Y axis



balance, imbalance, to balance
band, to band
base, basic, basically, basis
behavior, to behave
biology, biological
boiling, to boil



calculation, to calculate
cancellation, to cancel
capital, capitalist, capitalism, capitalization, to capitalize
category, to categorize
causal, causality, to cause
certain, certainty, uncertainty
character, characteristic, to characterize
chart, to chart
circle, semicircle, circular, circulation, to circle, to circulate
claim, to claim
class, classical, classification, to classify
cold, cool, to cool
column, columnar
communication, communicative, to communicate
comparison, comparable, to compare
compensation, compensatory, to compensate
competition, to compete
complication, to complicate
composition, component, composite, to compose
compression, compressibility, to compress
computation, computational, to compute
concentrate, concentration, to concentrate
concept, to conceptualize
concreteness, concrete, concretely
condition, conditional, to condition
conduction, conductivity, conductor, conductive, to conduct
cone, conical, conically, conicity, to be conical
connection, to connect
consecutive, consecutively
consequent, consequently, consequence
conservation, conservative, to conserve
consideration, considerable, considerably, to consider
constant, constantly
construct, construction, constructive, to construct
container, containment, containable, to contain
context, contextual, to contextualize
continuity, continuous, to continue
contract, contraction, contractile, contractibility, to contract
contrast, contrastive, to contrast
contribution, contributive, contributing, to contribute
convergence, convergent, to converge
converse, conversion, to convert
cooperation, cooperative, to cooperate
coordinate, coordination, to coordinate
correlate, correlation, correlative, to correlate
correspond, corresponding, correspondence, to correspond
corroborate, corroborative, to corroborate
criterion, criteria,
critic, critical, to criticize, to critique
cube, cubical, to cube
current, currently
curve, curvature
cycle, cyclic, cyclical
cylinder, cylindrical



damage, to damage
decrease, to decrease
deductive, deductively, deduction, to deduce
definition, definitive, definite, to define
demonstration, demonstrator, demonstrative, to demonstrate
density, denseness, dense
depth, deep, to deepen
derivation, derivative, to derive
design, to design
detail, to detail
determination, determinant, determinate, indeterminate, to determine
development, developmental, to develop
diagonal, diagonally
diameter, diametrical, diametrically
difference, different, to differ
dilution, to dilute
dimension, dimensional
direction, direct, indirect, directly, indirectly, to direct
distinguishable, distinguished, to distinguish
distribution, distributable, distributive, to distribute
divergent, to diverge
diversion, to divert
divide, division,
dynamics, dynamo, dynamic



ecology, ecological, ecologically
economy, economics, economist, economical, to economize
education, to educate
electricity, electric, electrical, electrification, to electrify
element, elementary, elemental
elevation, elevator, to elevate
elimination, to eliminate
ellipse, ellipsis, elliptical
emphasis, emphatic, to emphasize
empty, to empty
energy, energetic, to energize
equal, equality, inequality, equation
equilibrium, equilibration, to equilibrate
equivalence, to equal, to be equal to
estimate, estimation, to estimate
even, evenness, to even out, to even up
examination, examinable, to examine
exception, exceptional, to except
excess, excessive, to exceed
exertion, exertive, to exert
expansion, expansibility, expandable, expansible, to expand
experiment, experimentation, experimental, to experiment
explanation, explanatory, to explain
exponent, exponential, exponentially
expression, expressiveness, expressivity, expressive, expressively, to express
extensibility, extensive, extendable, to extend



facility, to facilitate
factor, factorial, to factor
fall, falling, to fall
figure, to figure out
finite, infinite
fluid, fluidity
foot, feet
form, formative, formation, to form
formula, formulaic
foundation, foundational, to found
fraction, fractional
frequency, frequently
frozen, to freeze
function, functional, to function
fundamental, fundamentally



generation, to generate
geography, geographical
geometry, geometrical
globe, global
government, governmental, to govern
graph, graphic, to graph
gravity, gravitation, gravitational, to gravitate


hard, hardness, to harden
heat, hot, to heat
height, high
horizontal, horizontally
humidity, humid
hyperbola, hyperbolic
hypothesis, hypothetical, to hypothesize



ideal, idealism, idea, to idealize
identity, identification, identical, to identify
illustration, illustrative, to illustrate
imitation, imitative, to imitate
immediacy, immediate, immediately
implication, to imply
importance, important
incline, inclination, to incline
inclusion, inclusive, to include
increase, to increase
individual, to individuate
inductive, inductively, to induce
industry, industrial, to industrialize
inertia, inert
influence, influential, to influence
initial, initially, to initiate
insert, insertion, to insert
instrument, instrumental
integral, integration, to integrate
interpretation, to interpret
intersect, intersection, to intersect
introduction, to introduce
intuition, intuitive, to intuit



knowledge, to know



laboratory, lab
largeness, large, to enlarge
lateral, equilateral, laterally
less, to be less than
life, alive, to live, to be alive
limit, limiting, limitation, to limit
line, linear, non-linear
load, loaded, to load
locus, location, locatable, to locate
logic, logical, logically
long, length



machine, machinery
magnitude, magnitudinous
maintenance, to maintain
major, majority
manipulation, manipulative, to manipulate
material, materialistic, to materialize
math, mathematics, mathematical, mathematician
maximum, maximal, to maximize
measure, measurement, to measure
mechanics, mechanical, mechanistic, to mechanize
meter, metric, metrical, metrically
method, methodology, methodologist, methodical, methodological
minimum, minimal, to minimize
minor, minority
mixture, to mix
mobile, mobility, to be mobile
mode, modality, modular, to modulate
model, to model
molecule, molecular, molecularity
more, to be more than
motion, motionless, to motion, to put in motion
multiple, multiplicity, multiplication, to multiply


nature, natural
negation, negative, to negate
negligence, negligent, negligible, negligibly
negotiation, negotiable, negotiability, to negotiate
norm, normal, normally, normative
number, numerical, numerous, numerically, to number, to enumerate



object, to object, to objectify
obvious, obviously, to obviate
occasion, occasional, occasionally
occurrence, to occur
odd, oddness
operation, operative, to operate
opposite, opposition, to oppose
orbit, orbital, to orbit
order, ordinal, to order
ordinary, extraordinary, ordinarily
origin, original, originally, to originate



parabola, parabolic, parabolical
parallel, parallelogram, parallelism
part, partial
peculiar, peculiarity
per capita
per, percent, percentage
permit, permission, permissible, to permit
pervasive, to pervade
phase, to phase out, to phase in
phenomenon, phenomena
photograph, photography, photographer, photographic, to photograph
physics, physical
plan, to plan
point, to point
policy, politics, politician, political
positive, to posit
potential, potentially
pound, to pound
power, horsepower, to power
precision, preciseness, precise
principal, principally
problem, problematic
procedure, process, to proceed
product, production, to produce
progress, progression, to progress
project, projection, projectile, projective, to project
proposal, proposition, to propose
pull, to pull
pursue, to pursue
push, to push



quality, qualitative, qualifiable, qualifiably, to qualify
quantity, quantitative, quantifiable, quantifiably, to quantify



radius, radii
random, randomly, to be random
rate, ratable, to rate
ratio, rational, irrational, rationale
real, reality, unreal, to realize
reason, reasonable, to reason
reciprocal, reciprocally, to reciprocate
recognize, recognizable
recommendation, to recommend
record, to record
rectangle, rectangular
reduction, to reduce
reflection, to reflect
regulation, regular, regulative, to regulate
relationship, relative, to relate
release, to release
remainder, to remain
repetition, repetitive, to repeat
report, to report
representation, representative, representable, to represent
resemblance, to resemble
resistance, to resist
resource, resourceful, resourceless
respective, respectively, with respect to
restriction, restrictive, to restrict
result, resultant, to result
resumption, resumptive, to resume
reverse, reversal, to reverse
revolution, to revolve, to revolt
rotation, rotational, to rotate
rough, roughness, to roughen



satisfaction, satisfactory, to satisfy
saturation, to saturate
scale, scalar
scheme, schematic
score, to score
second, secondly, secondarily, to second
separation, separate, separable, to separate
sequence, sequential, to be in sequence
set, setup, to set up
significant, significantly, to signify
similar, similarity
simplification, simplicity, simple, to simplify
simultaneous, simultaneity
situation, situational, to situate
slope, to slope
smooth, smoothness, smoothly, to smooth
soft, softness, to soften
solution, solvable, unsolvable, to solve
specificity, specific, to specify
speed, to speed up
sphere, spherical
spiral, to spiral
square, to square
stability, instability, stable, unstable, to stabilize
standard, to standarize
state, static, statics
statistics, statistical, statistically
step, to take a step
straightness, straight, straightforward
strength, strong, to strengthen
string, to string
structure, structural, to structure
submission, submittal, submittable, to submit
substitution, to substitute
subtraction, to subtract
summary, summation, to summarize
supplement, supplementary, to supplement
survey, to survey
symbol, symbolic, to symbolize
symmetry, symmetrical
system, systematic, to systematize



table, tabular, to tabulate
technique, technology, technical
temperature, temperate
theory, theorem, theoretical, to theorize
thermometer, thermal
thickness, thick, to thicken
thinness, thin, to thin out
topography, topographic, topographical
topology, topological, topological
trace, to trace
transfer, transferable, to transfer
transition, transit, transitory
transportation, transportable, to transport
trapezoid, trapezoidal,
treatise, treatable, to treat
triangle, triangular, to triangulate
type, typical, to type



ultimate, ultimately
unit, unity, to unite, to unify
usually, unusually, usual, unusual



value, valuable, to value
variation, variant, variable, to vary
verification, verifiable, to verify
vertical, vertically
view, viewpoint, to view
visual, visually, visualization, to visualize



waste, wasted
weakness, weak
weight, to weigh
wheel, to wheel
work, worker, workable, to work



year, yearly



Terms from: Communicate Strategies for ITAs, by Jan Smith, Colleen Meyers, and Amy Burkhalfer. Regents/Prentice Hall, 1992.