Chemistry Terms

activation energy hydrophobic
alcohol hydrophilic
aldehyde ideal gas
alkali metal inorganic compound
alkane/alkene/alkyne internal energy change
allotrope ionic bond
aluminum ionization energy
amide/amine iron
amorphous solid isotope
amphoterism joule
aqueous solution ketone
atomic mass kinetic-molecular theory
atomic number law of conservation of mass
balanced equation limiting reactant
binary oxide line spectrum
boiling point magnetic quantum number
bomb calorimetry manometer
bond energy mass number
bond polarity mass spectrometer
bonding molecular orbital meniscus
buffer solution metalloid
carbon dioxide metal oxide
carboxylic acid metathesis reaction
catalysis mixture
catalyst molality
chromium molarity
colligative property mole fraction
colloid molecular geometry
combustion analysis molecular weight
compound multiple bond
concentration net ionic equation
conjugate acid neutralization
conjugate base nickel
continuous spectrum nitric acid
copper nitrogen
corrosion nonbonding electron
covalent bonding normal melting point
critical temperature nucleic acid
desalinization octet rule
dialysis organic compound
diatomic molecule orbital overlap
diffusion osmosis
dilution oxidant
dipole moment oxidation number
direction of reaction oxidation-reduction reaction
dissolution oxidizing agent
double bond oxygen
dynamic equilibrium ozone
effusion periodic table
electrode potential pH scale
electrolysis phase diagram
electrolyte solution photodissociation
electron configuration photoelectric effect
electron shell photoionization
electron spin polar covalent bond
electronegativity polymer
element polyprotic acid
elementary reaction precipitation
endothermic process protein
enthalpy proton
entropy quantum theory
equilibrium concentration radiant energy
equivalence point reaction
ester reducing agent
ether second-order reaction
exothermic process silicon
first order reaction single displacement theory
formula weight solubility
free-energy function solution stoichiometry
freezing-point depression specific heat
gas density spectrum
halide substrate
halogen sulfurous acid
heat capacity surface tension
heat or formation thermal conductivity
heat of reaction titration
heterogeneous catalysis triple bond
homogeneous catalysis valence electron
hybrid orbital vapor pressure
hydrogen bonding vaporization
hydrolysis viscosity
Terms from: Communicate Strategies for ITAs, by Jan Smith, Colleen Meyers, and Amy Burkhalfer. Regents/Prentice Hall, 1992.