Vocabulary Exercises

Section 5: Multiple Choice

Choose the word that best defines the italicized word.

1. Children tend to be loud when they play, whereas adults are more subdued. (D)

a. quiet

b. active

c. patient

d. sleepy

2. The sad child tried to disguise her feelings by smiling. (J)

a. discover

b. expose

c. hide

d. resist

3. The man left the store without buying anything and the owner thought his behavior was suspicious. (J)

a. questionable

b. rude

c. mean

d. poor

4. My sister exhibits such rude behavior that no one wants to be her friend. (K)

a. displays

b. announces

c. becomes

d. wants

5. Insufficient knowledge of his job caused him many problems at work. (M)

a. not enough

b. incorrect

c. inappropriate

d. too much

6. Excessive spending may result in poverty. (M)

a. thrifty

b. exclusive

c. careful

d. extravagant

7. It takes time to build emotional intimacy. (M)

a. privacy

b. closeness

c. expression

d. sanity

8. She showed her mistrust of doctors by ignoring her doctor's advice. (N)

a. disdain

b. disease

c. lack of loyalty

d. lack of trust

9. A gesture in one country often signifies a different message in another country. (N)

a. means

b. says

c. shows

d. argues

10. The nature of their conversation was professional. (P)

a. type

b. outdoors

c. category

d. talk

11. The lion became aggressive when he was hungry. (Q)

a. tired

b. sad

c. hostile

d. moody

Vocabulary exercises taken from Beyond Language by Levine and Adelman, Prentice Hall, 1993.