Warning Signs


Chronic absence from class and/or exams
Consistently low grades
A marked drop in performance
Student seeks an inordinate amount of time, attention, or help
Student says he or she is having a hard time learning, functioning, concentrating, etc. or talks about personal problems
Student displays behavioral signs of stress such as:
  • Change in typical behavior (i.e. a student who usually participated and does assignments becomes consistently withdrawn or stops doing work).
  • Consistent expression of excessive temper.
  • Agitated or distracted behavior.

If you become concerned about a student for any of these reasons, call a staff member from the Counseling Center (6479) or the Advising and Learning Assistance Center (6269). You can also request a publication from the Counseling Center called "Guide for Faculty and Staff." It is a relatively small publication that we believe will be quite helpful for you.