Advisor's Responsibilities

To be accessible to students throughout the year at posted office hours. Names of alternate advisors should be posted during extended absences from campus.
To set aside designated times for registration advising and individual discussions.
To be knowledgeable about curriculum requirements, academic policies and procedures, referrals and resources on campus, and career opportunities in the major field.
To guide students through academic programs that will complement their personal, educational and professional interests.

Student's Responsibilities

To know your advisor's office hours and advising schedule
To make an appointment and prepare for registration advising by reviewing the Catalog, Class-Hour Schedule, and Curriculum Advising & Program Planning (CAPP) Program.
To formulate questions regarding curriculum, course selections, career options, etc.
To be aware of academic and personal needs and to seek assistance when needed.
To understand that the role of your advisor is to advise, not to make decisions for you. Final decisions should be made by you, with advisement, since it's your education.