Guidelines for Writing-Intensive Courses:

All courses identified as writing-intensive must have the following characteristics:

  1. Writing must be an integral part of the overall course design, enabling students to accomplish the work of the course.
  2. Identifies the kinds of writing consistent with the goals of the course.
  3. Provides students with several opportunities to present their ideas in written terms.
  4. Considers students' success in writing in giving grades.
  5. Provides students with clear and consistent criteria by which their grades are given.
  6. Provides students with timely commentary to help them improve their ability to meet these criteria.
  7. Any end-of-semester survey should include an evaluation of the writing-intensive aspect of the course.

Mechanism of submission for writing-intensive courses: Use standard course change form if it is a pre-existing course or an add form if it is a new course. On a separate sheet of paper, address each of the guidelines listed above. Courses should be approved at the Department and School level before being submitted to the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee.


ARCH 4140

Modernity in Culture & Architecture

BMED 4010

Biomedical Engineering Laboratory

BMED 4600

Biomedical Engineering Design

CHME 4050

Chemical Process Design

CHME 4150

Chemical Engineering Laboratory I

CHME 4160

Chemical Engineering Laboratory II

CHME 4180

Process Design

CHEM 2330

Chemical Experimentation III

CHEM 2340

Chemical Experimentation IV

CHEM 4050

Chemical Process Design

CHEM 4060

Inorganic Chemistry II

CHEM 4150

Instrumental Methods of Analysis

CHEM 4180

Process Design

CHEM 4330

Drug Discovery

CIVL 4910

Civil Engineering Capstone Design

COMM 1110

Expository Writing


Expository Writing

COMM 2110

Rhetoric & Writing


Writing to the World Wide Web

COMM 4120

Tec Pro Communication


Writing for Electronic Media

CSCI 4440

Software Design and Documentation

DSES 4250

Ecological Economics

DSES 4270

Industrial and Management Engineering Design

ECON 4900

Seminar in Economics

ECSE 4120

Electronic Engineering Design

ECSE 4180

Microwave Circuit Design

ECSE 4260

Physical Design in Microelectronics

ECSE 4440

Control Systems Engineering

ECSE 4560

Signal Processing Design

ECSE 4790

Microprocessor Systems

ECSE 4980

Senior Design Project

ECSE 6700

Advanced Computer Hardware Design


Env. Eng. Lab I


Env. Eng. Lab II


Bench Scale Design

ENVE 4910

Senior Design Project I

ENVE 4920

Senior Design Project II


Critical Reactor Lab


Radiological Engr.

EPOW 4850

Electric Power Engineering Design

MATH 4200

Math Analysis I

MEAE 4230

Fixed Wing Aircraft Design

MEAE 4260

Design of Mechanical Systems

MEAE 4850

Transatmospheric Vehicle Design

MEAE 4860

Introduction to Helicopter Design

MTLE 4290

Electronic Packaging

MTLE 4410

Welding Processes

MTLE 4420

Joining of Materials

MTLE 4610

Powder Metallurgy

MTLE 4630

Composites Laboratory

MTLE 4910

Design in Materials Engineering

MTLE 6010

Defects in Solids

MTLE 6040

Crystallography & X-ray Diffusion

MTLE 6150

Fracture of Solids

MTLE 6610

Deformation Processing

MTLE 6840

Polymer Engineering

MTLE 6961

Advanced Device Processing

MGMT 4430

Marketing Principles

MGMT 4850

Individual and Group Behavior in Organizations

MGMT 4860

Innovation and Change in Organizations

PSYC 4260

Psychol Tests & Measure Lec.

PSYC 4990

Undergraduate Thesis

PHIL 4130

Decision Making