A faculty advisor is assigned to students to choose electvies and course sequcing, to interpret degree requirements and options, to provide carreer related information, to be familar with academic policies and procedures, to sometimes give personal and professional advice, and to help them reach their ultimate goals.


Productive academic advising is a collaborative activity in which both the student and advisor have particular responsibilies.


Having faculty-student contact at least once per semester is expecially important because:

  • Informal student-faculty contact can enhance the quality of the undergraduate experience.
  • Course offerings and curriula requirements are sometimes subject to change.
  • Undergraduate Plan of Studeies and Degree Audit Reports sometimes need review and/or change that advisors can often be helpful with.
  • Regular contact with an advisor will help provide a good source for recommendations later in your career.

Although there is a lot of information we feel that advisor should know, we have assembled what we have considered to be important information that all Rensselaer advisors should be familiar with. We did not want to repeat the entire course catalong, but rather extract what is often asked of advisors. More detailed information can always be found in the course catalog.