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Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC)

The Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) programs are elective programs for students who desire commissions in the armed forces.

The objective is to develop professional officers who have varied educational backgrounds in major fields of interest and have the professional knowledge and standards needed for future growth. Although the aim in each service is the same, the individual programs differ because of varying responsibilities assigned newly commissioned officers in the three services and differing plans of continuing education.

Program benefits are available only to students who meet the requirements and standards of the particular branch of the armed forces sponsoring the ROTC unit. Each armed services/ROTC program has its own requirements and standards.

Students who satisfy the requirements for baccalaureate degrees become eligible for commissions on completion of the appropriate ROTC programs. ROTC programs are undertaken concurrently with baccalaureate degree studies, with the following provisions:

  • Certain courses approved by the appropriate ROTC department chairman may be substituted for ROTC courses to fulfill ROTC program requirements.
  • An ROTC educational program must incorporate the course work that leads to a commission. In addition, any student may take ROTC courses as free electives. Although there is no fixed limit to the number of ROTC courses that can count toward a baccalaureate degree, at least six credit hours of courses in ROTC may be counted as general elective credits in the appropriate baccalaureate program. Only the student’s curriculum and faculty adviser limit the number of ROTC credit hours applied to a degree. However, an ROTC course should not replace a humanities, arts, and social sciences core course (unless the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences accepts a specific course for this purpose). Also, an ROTC course should not replace a technical elective (unless a specific course is accepted for this purpose by the student’s department chairperson).
  • Cross-Registration: The home institution may limit the number of credit hours and/or grades to be applied. Refer to home institution catalog.

Air and Space Studies

The Department of Air and Space Studies offers an elective program to eligible male and female students who are U.S. citizens wishing to pursue commissioning as future Air Force officers. The program has two phases, a General Military Course and a Professional Officer Course. The General Military Course may be taken during the first two years or during a special five-week summer course. After the General Military Course, students compete for entry into the two-year Professional Officer Course.

Admission to the Professional Officer Course is based on demonstrated proficiency in the General Military Course, medical qualifications, academic standing, physical conditioning requirements, the successful completion of field training, aptitude for further officer training, and citizenship.

Air Force scholarships are awarded on a merit basis to high school seniors and full-time college students who meet specific program requirements. Multiple-year scholarships are available, as well as some specialized one-year programs and incentives.


Military Science

The Office of Military Science offers an elective program to qualify male and female students for commissions as officers in the U.S. Army. The Army ROTC program has two phases: a basic course, normally taken during the freshman and sophomore years, and an advanced course, normally taken during the junior and senior years.

Army ROTC scholarships are awarded to high school seniors and first- and second-year Army ROTC students.

Army ROTC instruction is provided on campus for first- and second-year students, and at Siena College for juniors and seniors. To register, the student should visit the Office of Military Science, Room 407, AS & RC Building.

Siena College ROTC

Naval Science

The Department of Naval Science offers an elective program to qualify male and female students for commissions as officers in the U.S. Naval Reserve or Marine Corps. There are two categories of students: (1) scholarship and (2) college program.

Scholarship students receive up to four years of full scholarship benefits and a monthly stipend. Awards are based on an annual nationwide competition conducted by the Department of the Navy. College program students receive basic benefits and are given the opportunity to become scholarship students.

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