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      Facilities Customer Service Center
      Computerized Maintenance
               Management System
      Facility Repair
      Life Safety
      Key Shop
      Main Boiler House
      Planning and Scheduling
      Trade Shops
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                Procurement Services
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Director, Physical Plant The Physical Plant provides operational and maintenance support to the academic and residential campus through craftsmen skilled in HVAC, carpentry, masonry, paint, electrical, mechanical and plumbing trades.
Its personnel maintain the utility infrastructure related to water, sewer, gas and steam and provide a variety of construction services to campus clients. The central boiler house is an operational unit within physical plant that produces and distributes steam throughout the campus for heating and cooling. Our central stockroom provides over $1 million in material purchases and shipping and receiving services.
Additional services provided by physical plant include project planning and scheduling for small construction and repair projects, utility shut-downs, management of outside maintenance contracts for elevators and chillers, and full locksmith services.
We maintain a comprehensive preventive maintenance program and operate and manage FAMIS, an integrated computerized maintenance management system.

Ernie Katzwinkel  
Physical Plant  

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