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Paul Martin, Director of Procurement and Financial Services
"The mission of Procurement and Administrative Services is to provide essential administrative services to the Rensselaer community and Administration Division. In support of the Administration Division mission, P&AS provides institute-wide services in the areas of materials management (including procurement and small business programs), capital budget and reporting, property administration and Real Estate and division-wide services in the areas of information technology, finance and personnel. We are in the “business” of getting the business done consistent with the mission, vision and values of Rensselaer."
Procurement and Administrative Services is made up of six separate organizations:
  • Purchasing
  • Small Business Procurement Services
  • Stockroom
  • Administration Division - Financial Services
  • Real Estate Management
  • Property Administration
The Purchasing Department is here to assist you with the purchase of goods and services at the best value, in a timely manner, consistent with Institute Requirements and Federal Guidelines, while limiting legal liability, and, maintaining quality. We work with the campus to locate needed goods and services; identify sources; negotiate pricing, terms, and conditions; review vendor proposals and quotes; place orders; and resolve issues with vendors. We can also help you obtain a purchasing card so you can order some items on your own.
Small Business Procurement Services (SBPS)
Small Business Procurement Services is an advocate for small business and provides guidance and training for the Purchasing Office, as well as for the campus, in identifying and utilizing small businesses. The department also provides assistance to the research community by helping to review proposal budgets and assisting in developing subcontracting plans required by Federal agencies for contract awards of $500,000 or more. Post contract award activity includes helping to identify Small Disadvantaged, Women-Owned, and HubZone businesses.
The Stockroom, located at Physical Plant, provides support to all the Trades, Academic & Auxiliary Facility Repair, Environmental Services, and Landscape Support Services. They are responsible for general housekeeping of the Stockroom as well as for bin maintenance, physical inventory counts, and issuing of the over 9,000 different parts that are on hand. The Stockroom takes care of purchasing requirements, maintaining documentation in hard copy files of Purchase Orders, packing slips, invoices and credit card charges.
Administration Division - Financial Services
Departments in the Administration Division have operating budget responsibilities that total nearly $40 million. Administration Financial Services provides the tools and analysis to accurately track and forecast expenditures for Physical Plant, Auxiliary Services, Campus Planning and Facilities Design, Procurement and Financial Services, Public Safety, the Housing and Food Auxiliaries, and the Houston Field House.
Financial control and expenditure forecasting of major capital projects is also included in this organization. Financial oversight for an additional $30 million in capital expenditures is focused here.
Real Estate Management
Once known as Business Operations was formed in 1992 to address special projects within the Administration Division. With the new initiatives of the Rensselaer Plan, this department's main focus has become the sale and purchase of Real Estate. It also is responsible for the Rensselaer Tower Management.
Property Administration
The Office of Property Administration (OPA) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is responsible for ensuring compliance with federal regulations and Institute policies governing the management of all capital equipment including its use, location, maintenance and disposition.

Paul W. Martin  
Assistant Vice President  
Administration Division  

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