Auxiliary Services
Environmental Site Services
Campus Planning & Facility Design
Physical Plant
Procurement and Financial Services
Public Safety



      Conference Services
      Dining Services
      Parking and Transportation
      Campus Card Office
      Washers & Dryers
                  FACILITY DESIGN
      Campus Planning and
                      Facility Design
                  SITE SERVICES
      Auto Shop
      Athletic Fields
      Environmental Services
      Mail Services
      Moving & Transportation Services
      Snow Removal

      Facilities Customer Service Center
      Computerized Maintenance
               Management System
      Facility Repair
      Life Safety
      Key Shop
      Main Boiler House
      Planning and Scheduling
      Trade Shops
      Small Business
                Procurement Services
      Administration Division -
                Financial Services
      Real Estate Management
      Property Administration
      Public Safety
      Access Control

Claude Rounds
"The Administration Division provides the essential services--people, facilities, and management--that support the living, learning, and working experiences for the Rensselaer community."

The Administration Division encompasses a wide range of activities for the Rensselaer campus. Auxiliary Services and the Physical Plant include overall maintenance and repairs for all buildings and grounds on campus, postal services, student billing for housing and food service and the regulation of steam for heat and air conditioning of campus facilities. They also provide the logistical support for various campus groups who sponsor summer conferences.
The Administration Division also includes Campus Planning and Facility Design with a professional staff of architects, designers, engineers, and project managers that make long term plans for the physical campus, new buildings and the renovation of the old. Real estate and property plans are developed through the Administration Division, along with the tracking of taxes and exemptions.
Procurement and Financial Services provide Purchasing needs for the campus, along with giving our division financial and systems support. The Department of Public Safety strives to maintain a safe and secure campus along with many service-related campus activities.
We are the lifeblood of the campus. We make the education process a comfortable experience.

Claude Rounds  
Vice President  
Administration Division  

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