CIS PC Lab Software Installation Request

Please read the following information BEFORE completing the form.

Use this form to request the installation of software in CIS PC Labs. Naturally, the software must be related to the educational activities of Rensselaer.

In order to install software in a CIS PC Lab, you will need to provide Academic Computing Services (ACS) with:

ACS will retain the media, proof of licensing, and installation documentation.

Please obtain the software media, documentation, and proof of licensing, before completing this form. Licensing requirements are different for each software package. If you have any questions, or need advice on how to proceed in order to obtain the software or proof of licensing, please send e-mail to before completing this form. Once the form is complete, click on the Submit button at the bottom of the form.

Note: ACS will not install demo/evaluation software, software that is not Y2K compliant, or software that requires a hardware key or a dongle.

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Install the software for these semesters:

Spring 1999

Summer 1999

Fall 1999

The software will be removed after the last Summer session unless a new CIS PC Lab Software Installation Request has been received by the last day of the Summer session. When the software is removed from the system, ACS will return any floppy disks/CD-ROM's and documentation to the requestor.

Software Installation

Indicate the PC labs in which to install the software by clicking on the check box to the left of the PC lab name. For specific details about a lab, click on the lab name itself.

CII 6208
JEC 3210
SAGE 3101
SAGE 4510
TROY 2012
TROY 2015
TROY 2018

Academic Computing Services personnel will contact you to obtain the media (floppy disks, CD-ROM), documentation, and proof of licensing. The software will be installed within two weeks after ACS receives the media and applicable documentation. ACS will contact you if any unexpected delays or unusual problems are encountered.


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