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Answering the Phones

When the 7's ring, they ring on a specific phone. If you are at that phone (indicated by the 7's button flashing) just pick up the phone, and hit the 7's button. If you are not at this phone, you can still grab the call, by picking up the phone, hitting the 7's button, and then hitting the ``call pick up'' (aka cpu) button. x5030 and x5053 ring on all of the phones, and any consultant can pick these up by picking up the phone, and hitting the respective line button.
When answering the phone, there is a specific formula that we are expected to use, this is: ``Help Desk, N Speaking, how can I help you?'' This formula is fairly flexible, but however you answer the phone should include some mention of ``Help Desk'', your name, and some polite ``How can I help you?'' phrase.

Frank Charles Barton