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Logging on the Phones

When you first get to the Help Desk for your shift, the phones may or may not be logged on. To log on a phone, pick up the handset, press the 7's button and the the Log-on/Log-off button. If you hear 1 beep, you need to log the phone on. If you hear 2 beeps, the phone was logged on, is now logged off, and needs to be logged on (you will need to hang up, and then start the procedure again). On the phone, you should see a pieces of paper with a 4 digit number followed by the pound sign (#), type that number in, including the pound sign, and you should then hear 2 beeps, indicating that the phone is logged in. If you hear a busy tone, this indicates that someone else is logged in with the agent number that you just tried to use. Try a different agent number such as 1111 or 2222 etc.

Frank Charles Barton