Research| Multiscale Modeling of Composites



Composite materials are manufactured from two or more constituents which can have vastly different and distinct physical properties. This combination of different materials gives composites unique strength and weight advantages. Due to their fundamental constitutive structure, composite properties are typically not homogeneous and strongly correlated to the kind of materials used, the orientation on individual fibers or laminates, the type of weave and the method of manufacturing etc. Hence, the most accurate modeling tools must incorporate the inhomogeneities of the composite at the micro-scale while simultaneously taking care of complexities arising from large deformation, material nonlinearities and damage and failure.

Recent projects

Multiscale modeling of 3D woven composites under ballistic loading: The existing multiscale methods neither provide a unified solution to all major complexities mechanical complexities described above nor any provision to incorporate strain rate dependence of the polymer matrix. We aim to develop an efficient, accurate and unified multiscale framework to model and simulate 3D woven composites.

Sponsors: ARO


Suvranu De, DSc.

Ranajay Ghosh, PhD

Shree Krishna, PhD