Package Name: zmodem-3.17
Package Type: textual/network
Package Home: /afs/
Maintainer: Kenny Zalewski (
For questions regarding this package, please send e-mail to (The ACM Consulting Group).

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The following info is available:

     %XXI ON
     %XXO ON
These turn on SOFTWARE flow control.

     %CMDC OFF
This turns OFF the processing of O to access NIM command mode.

for text:

sz -ae -l 1024 filename

for binaries:

sz -b -l 1024 filename

for binaries that experience lotsa errors in DL'ing:

sz -be -l 1024 filename (slower)

} 	I'm having problems with zmodem and in particular sz.
} Whenever I try to use it, I'll get the first 38K of the file, then the
} program quits.  I usually use the zmodem that came with Telemate.  I
} tried GSZ, and I got up to 74K before it quit.  Any help will be
} greatly appreciated. Thanks.    

One possibility depends on how you're connecting to the system.  If
you're connecting through the NIM, you may not be getting a fully
transparent connection.  (ie: the NIM may be stealing a control
character or two.)  If this is the case, you have to tell the NIM to
turn off XON/XOFF and then turn off the command character.  Use 
C-o (Control-o) to talk to the NIM (a little % should appear).  So you
want to type:
  C-o xxo=off
  C-o cmdc=off
Now your NIM session should be transparent and, if that was the
problem, everything should work now.

I haven't tried using zmodem with the Xyplex modem pool, so I don't
know what problems may lie there, but I'd assume you would have to go
into the main menu, select item 12, then in that menu turn off the
forward session character, backward session character, and command
character (items 13, 14, and 6(8?), if memory serves), by setting them
to "none". 

One last ditch effort, at a loss of transfer speed, might be to use
the -e option to sz, which will escape all control characters.
  Good luck.
    ACM Consultant
    ITS Consultant

I don't know if this was covered before, but the nim does best with the
sz command line options "-berv".  Although it will sometimes die still
(some nims more than others), you can just repeat the failed command and it
will restart from where it left off.

Let us know what happens.



> I don't know if this is true or not, but I'd like to Zmodem transfer Directly
> from RCS to my PC at 14.4 through the xyplex.

Here are the instructions for the "surefire RCS-Xyplex-sz solution".
When you connect to the Xyplex, change the following parameters:

Escape to command mode character: NONE
Session forward switch character: NONE
Session backward switch character: NONE
Newline filtering: STANDARD

You can do that by typing the following, starting at the main Xyplex menu:

Once you do that, if you telnet to an RCS machine, you should be able to
transfer files to your PC with Zmodem.

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