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/* #ident	"@(#)x11:contrib/clients/xloadimage/README 6.21 94/07/29 Labtam" */
XLI - X11 Image Loading Utility


xli is a version of xloadimage.

This utility will view several types of images under X11, or load
images onto the X11 root window. xli can also be used on some (32 bit)
MSDOS systems.  The current version (1.16) supports:

	CMU Window Manager raster files
	Faces Project images
	Fuzzy Bitmap (.fbm) images
	GEM bit images
	GIF images (Including GIF89a compatibility)
	G3 FAX images
	JFIF style jpeg images
	McIDAS areafiles
	MacPaint images
->	Windows, OS/2 BMP Image
	Monochrome PC Paintbrush (.pcx) images
->	Photograph on CD Image
	Portable Bitmap (.pbm, .pgm, .ppm) images
	Sun monochrome rasterfiles
	Sun color RGB rasterfiles
	Targa (.tga) files
	Utah Raster Toolkit (.rle) files
	X pixmap (.xpm) files (Version 1, 2C and 3)
	X10 bitmap files
	X11 bitmap files
	X Window Dump (except TrueColor and DirectColor)

A variety of options are available to modify images prior to viewing.
These options include clipping, dithering, depth reduction, zoom
(either X or Y axis independently or both at once), brightening or
darkening, input gamma correction, and image merging.  When applicable,
these options are done automatically (eg. a color image to be displayed
on a monochrome screen will be dithered automatically). A utility (xlito)
is provided that allows these viewing options to be appended to the image


    Added BMP (MS Windows, OS/2) file format loader.

    Added PCD (PhotoCD) file format loader.

    Bowed to the pressure of the number of JPEGs that are gamma
    corrected. JPEG images now are assumed to have a gamma of 2.2.

    Fixed bug in gif loader (files with local colormaps came out black)

    Improved the quality of color quantization.

    Added an -expand option that forces the image to be expanded
    to 24 bit.

    Added a -title option.

    Added interactive image rotation using the 'l' and 'r' keys.

    Numerous bug fixes.

   (See the patches file for more details and credits)


    xli version 1.00 was based on xloadimage version 3.01.
    xli version 1.16 has many improvements over xli 1.00. 
    xloadimage is maintained by Jim Frost -

    xli is maintained by Graeme Gill -

    Please read the README.orig file, which is the original xloadimage README
    file for xloadimage info and credits.


    xli has been developed in a fairly limited hardware environment, and 
    not all combinations of displays and/or image formats and options
    have been tested. xli is useful to me, and maybe it will be
    useful to you. 

    Praise, suggestions, and bug reports should go to:

	Graeme Gill

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