Package Name: netrek-2.3p9
Package Type: graphical/game
Package Home: /afs/
Maintainer: Dan Cohen (
For questions regarding this package, please send e-mail to (Dan Cohen).

The following info is available:

#  The RPI Netrek Help File...some basic tips
#  written by Thomas C. Ring 
#  March 7, 1994

This is intended as an introduction to netrek at RPI.

The netrek package home directory is /dept/acm/packages/netrek/2.3/.
It will be referred to as $PHOME throughout this document.

1) Some answers to frequently asked questions are in $PHOME/common/doc/.
   In that directory, the following files are useful:
	help: this file
	rgn.faq: the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
	para.faq: paradise server FAQ
	Defaultrc: the default resource file

2) Simply type "netrek" to see a list of which servers are in use. 
   Then type the name of the server after netrek in order to join in.

Example:   netrek calvin
		will connect you to the server at

3) Remember the 'h' key will list the commands.

4) You can customize the starting features by creating a file called .xtrekrc
	in your home directory.  Several sample .xtrekrc files are 
	found in the $PHOME/common/doc directory.

	cp $PHOME/common/doc/xtrekrc1 ~/.xtrekrc


	cp $PHOME/common/doc/xtrekrc2 ~/.xtrekrc

		will do the trick.

5) Netrek is a team game, and communication is a very important part of
	teamwork, so make sure you have the message window open.    
	(The ? toggles it.)   

6) Try practicing on an empty server first, to get the basics.  Then, when
	you feel comfortable, join in on a battle and get some experience.
	If you have any questions, your teammates will usually be very

7) And remember...if you have any problems with the package, send e-mail to
	the administrator.

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