Package Name: misc-zalewk
Package Type: textual/miscellaneous
Package Home: /afs/
Maintainer: Kenny Zalewski (
For questions regarding this package, please send e-mail to (Kenny Zalewski).

The following info is available:

This utility was most likely written by Kenny Zalewski, or forwarded to
him by another RPI student, and is offered by him on the basis that it
would prove useful to the general computing community at Rensselaer.
No warranty is made regarding any of this software, and you use it at
your own risk.

The following utilities are available:

  Binaries: fullpath, kdate, smut, uud, wdcnt, xtree
   Scripts: 8ball, descript, lockterm, mlpr, newscrunch, newsdiff, rdir, ww
Mail-Utils: checklist, massmail, mbiff, medit, mfile,
	    mforw, mh, mrm, msign, vrfy
   X-Utils: rlx, rrx, tlx, xirc

If you have any questions or comments regarding any of the above
software, please send e-mail to

Brief Descriptions:

fullpath: Reorder output of "ls -lR" to prepend paths to filenames
kdate:	Display current date, or some date N days in the past/future
smut:   Output textual descriptions of pseudo-random porn scenes
	(Warning: Contains graphic language)
uud:	More intelligent uudecode program
wdcnt:	Show number of times each word occurs in a file or from stdin
xtree:	Give graphical tree representation of directory listing in an xterm

8ball:	Gives a "yes", "no", or "maybe" type answer to your questions
descript: Removes annoying control characters from script(1) files
lockterm: Lock terminal session with a password
mlpr:	Interface to lpr(1) to allow multiple copies with only one header
newscrunch: Compresses .newsrc files, sending results to stdout
newsdiff: Show differences between your .newsrc file and the system newsrc
rdir:	Recurse thru directories performing a command; useful with AFS cmds
ww:	Combination of who(1) and w(1) output

checklist: Check the integrity of an electronic mailing list
massmail: Send a single message to many recipients
mbiff:	Periodically poll the POP mail server, checking for new mail
medit:	Invoke an editor (typically "vi") to compose an MH message
mfile:	Uses an mfile.rsc file to re-file mail from +inbox to other folders
mforw:	Interface to the MH forw(1) program with better subject-line
mh:	The ultimate MH sending/receiving mail tool which simulates mail(1)
mrm:	Remove MH messages by re-filing them to a +trash folder
msign:	Append a .signature file onto an MH message
vrfy:	Verify a username/alias on a mail server

rlx:	Rlogin to a host using a Local Xterm
rrx:	Rlogin to a host using a Remote Xterm
tlx:	Telnet to a host using a Local Xterm
xirc:	Run IRC in a 48-line peach-colored xterm

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