Package Name: fvwm-1.24r
Package Type: graphical/window-manager
Package Home: /afs/
Maintainer: Jonathan Chen (
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Fvwm is a just another window manager for X11, which provides a simple virtual
desktop, a 3-D look for windows decorations, and shaped, color icons. 
It can be configured to use far less memory than twm, or to give a very 
good emulation of mwm. A nice button-bar can be used to provide convenient 
access to frequently used functions or programs.

Fvwm has three pieces
fvwm-1.23-core.tar.gz - the actual window manager
fvwm-1.23-icons.tar.gz - some icons that go nicely with fvwm
fvwm-1.23-modules.tar.gz - add on desktop accessories

-- ACM Note: Aug 31, 1995 --
Please note that there are currenly symlinks from GoodStuff to GoodStuff2 and
3.  This will make it easier to configure multiple GoodStuff's.

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