Package Name: dclock-3.1
Package Type: graphical/clock
Package Home: /afs/
Maintainer: Tim Norman (
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dclock - digital clock for X

# Note: This was modified by Tim Norman for compilation in the RCS environment.
#       Sound support was removed.

- The dclock program displays a digital clock like a LED display.

- The execution file dclock can be run in Linux system without recompilation.

- To compile dclock:
	cc dclock.c -lX11 -o dclock

- It can display in 24 or 12 hour modes, and displays AM or PM when in
  12 hour mode. You can type [Tab], [T] or [t] in the dclock window to
  toggle between 24 and 12 hour display.

- It can play hour signal sound if you have soundcard (using /dev/audio).

- Type [S] or [s] to turn on/off 'second'.
- Type [space] to display date.

- Press mouse button 2 or 3 (right button) at the window to lower dclock
  for about 7 seconds.

- Type [Q] or [q] at the window to quit.

- Usage: dclock [option]

    -1, --12                      Display 12 hour time.
    -2, --24                      Display 24 hour time.
    -n, --nosecond                Don't display 'second'.
    -p, --position x,y            Position to display clock.
    -d, --display displayname     The X server to contact.
    -h, --help                    Display this help.

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