Package Name: coolmail-1.2
Package Type: graphical/mail
Package Home: /afs/
Maintainer: Josh Wilmes (
For questions regarding this package, please send e-mail to (Josh Wilmes).

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This is coolmail, version 1.2rpi.

Coolmail is an xbiff-like program which sits on your desktop and lets you know
when email has arrived.  Coolmail has a nifty 3D mailbox icon which moves in
3D when mail arrives.  It's.. well.. cool!

The flag pops up when new mail arrives, and there is a letter in the mailbox
whenever you have mail left in your .newmail file (regardless of whether you
have already read it).  If you click on the mailbox, it spins around and opens,
and runs a copy of your mail program.  (the default is zmail, it can be changed
with the -e option).

This program required extensive modification to work properly with RPI's POP
mail system.  Please let me (Josh Wilmes, know if I messed up
anywhere.  I did test the program for about a month, without incident.

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