Package Name: calc-2.9.0
Package Type: textual/utility
Package Home: /afs/
Maintainer: Kenny Zalewski (
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The following info is available:

This is the second official release of calc (version 2.9.0).

Calc is an arbitrary precision C-like programmable calculator with many
builtin functions.  The basic data types are integers, fractions,
complex numbers, strings, matrices, associations, lists, files, and
user-definable "objects".  You can use it interactively to evaluate
expressions line by line, or else you can write complicated programs in
it's C-like language.  There are many features which I will not bother
to describe here.

Calc is written entirely in C, and runs on many different platforms and
variants of UNIX.

The low-level arbitrary precision math routines have been organized into
three libraries for handling integers, fractions, and complex numbers.
You can call the routines in these libraries from your own C programs.

The sources in this posting are also available by anonymous ftp from in the file pub/calc/calc2.9.0.tar.Z.  The contents of the
pub/calc directory are updated occasionally with the newest version.

The calculator is copyrighted, but there are no restrictions on it other
than the preservation of the copyright notices.

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