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Welcome to...
	asWedit HTML 3 and HTML 2 editor Version 2.0

	(version for IBM RS/6000 running AIX 3.2.5)
        (version for SUN Sparc running SunOS 4.1.3 or 4.1.4)

asWedit is a comprehensive and easy to use HTML 3, HTML 2 and text editor
for X Window System and Motif. It offers three independent modes:
a plain text editing mode and two context-sensitive modes for authoring
HyperText Mark-up Language documents (HTML 3 and HTML 2) as used on
the World Wide Web and enterprise networks.

HTML features
  o context-sensitive HTML 3 or HTML 2 mode; only tags valid in the
    current context are available
  o full support for all HTML 3 tags and attributes based on the
    HTML 3 Document Type Definition (DTD) as of 24 March 1995 but
    modified and extended by us with the more stable new proposals,
    including the latest IETF drafts (new tables, client-side image maps,
    form-based file upload and HotJava applets)
  o full support for all HTML 2 tags and attributes based on the RFC 1866
  o creation of correct HTML 3 or HTML 2 documents
  o support for different styles of editing: assistive tagging, cut and
    paste, by hand and parse
  o attribute editors
  o dialogs for selecting relative and absolute URL's
  o customizable colours for different HTML tags
  o rich set of entities, including Latin 1, greek and user-defined ones
  o keyboard shortcuts for the most common HTML tags
  o user definable, mode dependent, key bindings
  o filters to convert between Latin 1 characters and their
    entities (extendible)
  o support for un-limited number of templates
  o comprehensive context-sensitive, hypertext help with topics
    on a selected tag and edited attribute (version related)
  o on-line hints when importing and correcting legacy HTML documents
  o preview mode that uses Netscape Navigator, NCSA Mosaic, Arena or Lynx
    (interprocess communication is used for Netscape and Mosaic)

General features
  o modern graphical user interface (GUI)
  o multiple editing windows
  o pop-up menus for mouse-oriented editing and feature's quick access
  o user customizable toolbars with fly-by hints for icons
  o comprehensive context sensitive and click-on hypertext on-line help
  o multiple undo and redo of edit actions
  o all standard editing features like: text Cut, Copy and Paste,
    bookmarks, pair matching, search and replace, etc.
  o commands to change case of letters, spell and sort
  o formatting commands (move, indent, re-format etc.)
  o user customizable filters and commands
  o customization via the standard X11/Motif resources method
  o easy localization to left-to-right languages (8-bit characters)
  o special no HTML mode for quick start-up and plain text editing

Who by
AdvaSoft Ltd
30 Hatch Road, London SW16 4PN, UK.

Release Date
11 December 1995

asWedit is available for free for students and staff in education and
charitable non-profit organizations, and for free evaluation by
individuals and commercial organizations. See the license for details.

asWedit is available in binary form by anonymous ftp from:


The above site supports all methods of file downloading, i.e. ftp,
http, gopher, ftpmail, ...

The software is mirrored in US on:

and on other archives including the following:

Following platforms are supported:

 file Id	   System	         OS
 rs6k.aix3.2.3	   IBM RS/6000	         AIX 3.2.3
 rs6k.aix3.2.5	   IBM RS/6000	         AIX 3.2.5
 sgi.irix4	   SGI 		         IRIX 4.0.x
 sgi.irix5	   SGI     	         IRIX 5.x
 sparc.sunos4	   SUN Sparc	         SunOS 4.1.3
 sparc.solaris2.3  SUN Sparc	         SunOS 5.3
 sparc.solaris2.4  SUN Sparc	         SunOS 5.4
 hp.hpux9	   HP9000 700/800        HP-UX 9.x
 alpha.osf3	   DEC Alpha	         OSF/1 V3.x
 ultrix.4.4        DEC station           Ultrix 4.4
 fat3.next3   	   HP-PA,NeXT,i386       NeXTSTEP 3.x (X req.!)
 hppa.next3   	   HP-PA                 NeXTSTEP 3.x (X req.!)
 i386.next3   	   PC, i386              NeXTSTEP 3.x (X req.!)
 m68k.next3   	   NeXT                  NeXTSTEP 3.x (X req.!)
 i386.sco	   PC, i386		 SCO
 i386.sco5	   PC, i386		 SCO Open Server 5
 i386.linux	   PC, i386	         Linux 1.1.x (X11R5 req.)
 i386.linux_dyna   PC, i386	         Linux 1.1.x (X11R5 + libXm req.)

To obtain the binary distribution please download the compressed tar file
for your platform and then unpack it. For example for IRIX 5 download
a file asWedit-2.0-sgi.irix5.tar.Z. To unpack it you can use the
	zcat asWedit-2.0-sgi.irix5.tar.Z | tar xvf -

(the distribution will be placed into asWedit-2.0 directory).

If you want to use Emacs bindings get the following file as well:

License and installation
When you obtain the software please read and accept the terms of the
License Aggreement.

Please read the installation information contained in the INSTALL file.

More information
More information, including details about ASWedit - the commercial version
of asWedit - is available on the AdvaSoft Web site:
Commercial information about ASWedit can also be requested by sending
E-mail to:

Andrzej Stochniol

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