Package Name: aix-3
Package Type: textual/misc
Package Home: /afs/
Maintainer: Josh Wilmes (
For questions regarding this package, please send e-mail to (Josh Wilmes).

The following info is available:

The shared libraries in /dept/acm/packages/aix3/rs_aix41/lib are libraries
that our old AIX 3 binaries need to run under AIX 4.

They are pointed to by wrapper scripts around the affected programs.

You may also want ldd and lndir, which are in the bin directory.  I havent
made then standard bin-man yet, but I will probably stick them in via
setup soon.

for now,

alias ldd=/dept/acm/packages/aix3/rs_aix41/bin/ldd
alias lndir=/dept/acm/packages/aix3/rs_aix41/bin/lndir

on aix 4 machines.

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