About, About Dialog
Add Alpha Channel, Add Alpha Channel
Add Dust, Add Dust
Add Layer Mask, Add Layer Mask
Adjust FG-BG, Adjust FG-BG / Color Range Mapping
Airbrush, Airbrush
Alien Map, Alien Map
Alien Map 2, Alien Map 2
Alpha Channel, Add Alpha Channel, Alpha to Selection
Alpha To Selection, Alpha to Selection
Anchor Layer, Anchor Layer
Apply Canvas, Apply Canvas
Apply Layer Mask, Apply Layer Mask
Bezier Selection, Bezier Selection
Gradient blending, Blend
Blinds, Blinds
Blur, Blur, Gaussian Blur, RLE Gaussian Blur
Border Selection, Border Selection
Brightness-Contrast, Brightness-Contrast
Brush Editor, The Brush Editor Dialog
Brush Selection, The Brush Selection Dialog
Brushes, The Brush Editor Dialog
Bucket Fill, Bucket Fill
Bug Submission, Bug Submission
Burst, Burst
By Color Selection, By Color Selection
BZ2, BZ2
Channel to Selection, Channel to Selection
Channels, Channels
Channels Dialog
Channels, The Channels Dialog
Channels Introduction, Channels Introduction
Checkerboard, Checkerboard
Clear, Clear
Clone, Clone
Close, Close
Color Balance, Color Balance
Color Exchange, Color Exchange
Color Palette
Palette, The Color Palette Dialog
Color Picker, Color Picker
Color Selector, The Standard GIMP Color Selector, The GTK Color Selector, The Triangle Color Selector, The Watercolor Color Selector
Color Transform Tools, Threshold, Rotate Color Map
Command Line Options, Command Line Options
Confirm Save Warning, Confirm Save Warning
Context Help
Help, Context Help
Convert to Grayscale, Convert to Grayscale
Convert to Indexed
Indexed Mode, Convert to Indexed
Convolver, Convolver
Copy, Copy, Copy Named
Copy Gradient, Copy Gradient
Copy Named, Copy Named
Copy Path, Copy Path
Crop, Crop
Cubism, Cubism
Curves, Curves
Cut, Cut
Cut Named, Cut Named
Delete Channel, Delete Channel
Delete Gradient, Delete Gradient
Delete Layer, Delete Layer
Delete Layer Mask, Delete Layer Mask
Delete Palette, Delete Palette
Delete Path, Delete Path
Desaturate, Desaturate
Device Status, The Device Status Dialog
Devics, The Device Status Dialog
Dialogs, Dialogs
Directories, Directories
Display Settings, Display Settings
Document Index, The Document Index Dialog
Dodge or Burn, Dodge or Burn
Dot for Dot, Dot for Dot
Duplicate, Duplicate
Duplicate Channel, Duplicate Channel
Duplicate Layer, Duplicate Layer
Duplicate Path, Duplicate Path
Edit Channel Attributes, Edit Channel Attributes
Edit Layer Attributes, Edit Layer Attributes
Edit Path Attributes, Edit Path Attributes
Edit Qmask Attributes, Edit Qmask Attributes
Elliptical Selection, Elliptical Selection
Environment Settings, Environment Settings
Equalize, Equalize
Eraser, Eraser
Error Console, The Error Console Dialog
Export File
Indexed Mode, Export File
Export Path, Export Path
Feather Selection, Feather Selection
File, File, The Document Index Dialog
File Formats, File Formats
Fill, Fill
Filters, Filters
First Time, Starting for the First Time
Fit Text, Fit Text
Flame, Flame
Flatten Image, Flatten Image
Flip, Flip
Float Selection, Float Selection
Free-Hand Selection, Free-Hand Selection
Fuzzy Selection
Magic Wand, Fuzzy Selection
Gfig, Gfig
Introduction, What is The GIMP?
GIMP Remote, GIMP Remote
GIMP Table Magic, GIMP Table Magic
GIMP Tool, GIMP Tool
Glossary, Glossary
Gradient Editor, Gradient Editor
Gradient Map, Gradient Map
Gradient Selection, The Gradient Selection Dialog
Grid, Grid
Grow Selection, Grow Selection
GTK Color Selector, The GTK Color Selector
Help, Help Page for Help, Tip of the Day
Histogram, Histogram
HSV, Scatter HSV
Hue-Saturation, Hue-Saturation
IIR Blur, Gaussian Blur
Image, Image
Image Window
Image, The Image Window
Import Palette, Import Palette
Import Path, Import Path
Indexed Palette, Indexed Palette
Info Window, The Info Window
Ink, Ink
Input Devices, Input Devices
Intelligent Scissors, Intelligent Scissors
Interface Settings, Interface Settings
Invert, Invert, Value Invert
Invert Selection, Invert Selection
Jigsaw, Jigsaw
Keyboard Shortcuts, Keyboard Shortcuts
Last Opened, Last Opened
Layer Boundary Size, Layer Boundary Size
Layer Mask, Add Layer Mask, Apply Layer Mask, Delete Layer Mask, Layer Mask to Selection
Layer Mask to Selection, Layer Mask to Selection
Layer to Image Size, Layer to Image Size
Layers, Layers, The Layers Dialog
Layers Dialog, The Layers Dialog
Layers, Channels and Paths, Layers, Channels and Paths Dialog
Levels, Levels
LIC, Van Gogh (LIC)
License, GIMP License
Lower Channel, Lower Channel
Lower Layer, Stack
Magnify, Magnify
Main interface, The Main Interface
Maze, Maze
Measure, Measure
Merge Down, Merge Down
Merge Palette , Merge Palette
Merge Visible Layers, Merge Visible Layers
Module Browser, Module Browser
Monitor Settings, Monitor Settings
Mosaic, Mosaic
Motion Blur, Motion Blur
Move, Move
Navigation Window, The Navigation Window
New Channel, The New Channel Dialog
New File Settings, New File Settings
New Gradient, New Gradient
New Image, New Image
New Layer, New Layer
New Palette , New Palette
New Path, New Path
New View, New View
Offset, Offset
Oilify, Oilify
Open, Open, Open by Extension
Open by Extension, Open by Extension
Open File, Open File
Paint Tools, Text Tool
Straight Line Tools, Paintbrush
Palette, The Palette Editor
Palette Editor, The Palette Editor
Paste, Paste
Paste As New, Paste As New
Paste Into, Paste Into
Paste Named
Paste, Paste Named
Paste Path, Paste Path
Path to Selection, Path to Selection
Paths, Paths, The Paths Dialog, Bezier Selection
Paths Dialog, The Paths Dialog
Pattern Selection, The Pattern Selection Dialog
Patterns, The Pattern Selection Dialog
Straight Line Tools, Pencil
Perspective, Perspective
Pixelize, Pixelize
Plasma, Plasma
Plug-Ins, Filters
Posterize, Posterize
Preferences Dialog, The Preferences Dialog
Print, The Print Plug-In
Qbist, Qbist
Quit, Quit
Raise Channel, Raise Channel
Raise Layer, Stack
Random Blends, Random Blends
Really Close, Really Close
Really Quit, Really Quit
Rectangular Selection, Rectangular Selection
Redo, Redo
Rename Gradient, Rename Gradient
Repeat Last Filter, Repeat Last Filter
Replicate Segment, Replicate Segment
Reshow Last Filter, Reshow Last Filter
Resolution, Monitor Settings
RGB, Convert to RGB
Ripple, Ripple
RLE Blur, RLE Gaussian Blur
Rotate Color Map, Rotate Color Map
Rotation, Rotation
Sample Colorize, Sample Colorize
Save, Save
Save as PovRay
PovRay, Save as PovRay
Save by Extension, Save by Extension
Save File, File Save or Save As
Save to Channel, Save Selection to Channel
Scale Image, Scale Image
Scale Layer, Scale Layer
Scale Layer Warning, Scale Layer Warning
Scaling, Scaling
Scatter HSV, Scatter HSV
Select All, Select All
Select None, Select None
Selection, Layer Mask to Selection, Alpha to Selection, Channel to Selection, Path to Selection
Selection Tools, Bezier Selection
Selective Gaussian Blur, Selective Gaussian Blur
Session Management, Session Management
Set Canvas Size
Canvas Size, Set Canvas Size
Sharpen, Sharpen
Sharpen Selection, Sharpen Selection
Shearing, Shearing
Shift, Shift
Shortcuts, Keyboard Shortcuts
Shrink Selection, Shrink Selection
Shrink Wrap, Shrink Wrap
Smudge, Smudge
Snap to Guides, Snap to Guides
Solid Noise, Solid Noise
Split Segments Uniformly, Split Segments Uniformly
Stack, Stack
Stampify, Stampify
Standard GIMP Color Selector, The Standard GIMP Color Selector
Stroke, Stroke
Stroke Path, Stroke Path
Sunras, Sunras
Terral Text, Terral Text
TEX, TeX String
TeX String, TeX String
Text Tool, Text Tool
Threshold, Threshold
Tile, Tile
Tileable Blur, Tileable Blur
Tip of the Day, Tip of the Day
Toggle Guides, Toggle Guides
Toggle Rulers, Toggle Rulers
Toggle Selection, Toggle Selection
Toggle Statusbar, Toggle Statusbar
Tool Options, Tool Options Dialog
ToolBox, ToolBox, The ToolBox
Tools, Tools, Tool Options Dialog
Transform Tools, Transform Tools
Triangle Color Selector, The Triangle Color Selector
Undo, Undo
Undo History, Undo History
Using Layers
Layers, Using Layers
Value Invert, Value Invert
Van Gogh, Van Gogh (LIC)
Watercolor Color Selector, The Watercolor Color Selector
What are Layers?
Layers, What are Layers?
Why GIMP, What Can The GIMP Do For Me?
Zoom, Zoom