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J. Donald Wolfe ’32, retired senior engineer, IBM Corporation; Aug. 19, 2003. Paul J. Mosher ’33, retired plant manager, Chicago Bridge and Iron, active in Boy Scouts and civic organizations; Oct. 22, 2003. George G. Cornwell Jr. ’36, retired Navy commander, and former project manager, River Park Mutual Homes; Oct. 13, 2003. Andrew J. Hangarter ’37, retired training devices specialist with the Department of Defense and the Civil Service, and WWII Navy veteran; Nov. 17, 2002. Forrest M. Haswell ’37, retired surgeon in Jacksonville, Fla., honorary consultant to the U.S. Air Force in Europe, 1954-59, and WWII Navy veteran; Oct. 8, 2003. Howard F. Hafker ’38, ’39 M.E.E., retired electrical engineer, RCA Corporation, including assignments in the Far East, and active in his church; Nov. 3, 2003. William J. Sheridan Jr. ’38, retired senior executive, Exxon Chemical Co. and former director, ESSO Petroleum, Ltd.; Dec. 27, 2003. Dana B. Westcott Sr. ’39, retired after 43-year career as a manager for Westvaco Pulp and Paper Co., active in Lions Club, founding member, Saratoga County BOCES center, and ardent skier; Dec. 8, 2003.

Robert W. Mapes ’40, M.S. ’42, formerly with Behr-Manning, and past president, American Society for Quality Control; Dec. 2, 2003. Theodore A. Krehbiel ’42, civil engineer, Town of Tonawanda, N.Y., engineer, co-founder of Krehbiel Associates, and WWII Navy Seabees veteran; Oct. 22, 2003. Jack V. Richards Jr. ’44, retired executive vice president, New Jersey Natural Gas Co., Naval engineering officer, active in professional organizations and civic activities; Nov. 28, 2003. Thomas G. Greene ’47, retired after a 38-year career with RCA, former AIAA chapter president, and WWII Army veteran; Jan. 11, 2004. Robert J. Hutchison ’49, former plant manager, W.R. Grace, co-founder, Hutchison Miller Sales Co., active in the Bucks County Association of Retarded Citizens, and WWII Navy veteran; Nov. 24, 2003.

James J. Case ’50, retired engineer and project manager, New York State Electric and Gas Co., and U.S. Army veteran; Dec. 18, 2003. Harold H. Georgens ’50, former vice president, Motorola, former group vice president, Bell & Howell, founder of Data Electronics and Georgens Industries, inventor and patent holder, named Meritorious Nominee in the Computer Design Hall of Fame; Nov. 25, 2003. Raymond J. Holland ’50, former occupational safety and health professional with Pitney Bowes and Perkin Elmer, and WWII Army veteran; Dec. 12, 2003. Anthony M. Mainiero ’50, retired manager, GE’s Aircraft Engine Group, avid gardener and car enthusiast, and WWII veteran; Jan. 14, 2004. Hunt V. Martin ’50, retired from the Navy Civil Engineer Corps, professional engineer in private industry, and active Rotarian; Dec. 1, 2003. Clayton F. Myer ’50, retired from Sperry Unisys, and WWII veteran; June 20, 2003. Harry V. Schnabel Jr. ’50, founder and longtime CEO of Schnabel Foundation Co., nationally recognized developer of construction tiebacks, patent holder, and recipient of the Martin S. Kapp Foundation Award; Dec. 4, 2003. Frederick T. Beaudry ’51, a lighting manufacturer’s representative who specialized in church lighting, honored by the Illuminating Engineers Society, and WWII veteran; Dec. 4, 2003. Edwin S. Dojka ’51, former city engineer, Niagara Falls, N.Y., retired city engineer, North Tonawanda, N.Y., and WWII Army veteran; Dec. 2, 2003. James W. Morrison ’51, retired quotations manager, Garrett Turbine Engine Division; Sept. 30, 2003. William J. Robinson ’52, retired senior technical specialist, E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Co., and WWII Army Air Corps veteran; Dec. 2, 2003. Jose M. Garcia ’53, retired chief engineer with the Osceola Farms Co. in Palm Beach County, Fla.; Nov. 3, 2003. William W. Kallinen ’54, retired from Boeing, hunting and fishing enthusiast, and U.S. Air Force veteran; Aug. 24, 2003.

Stuart D. Kearney II, M.M.G. ’55, retired Naval aviator and test pilot, head of advanced programs, U.S. Naval Missile Center, and patent holder with the Naval Space Project Office; Sept. 30, 2003. Richard E. Will ’55, retired Air Force captain, architect, and real estate developer; July 29, 2003. Robert M. Akin III ’58, retired president, Hudson Wire Co., and professional sports car racer; April 29, 2002. John C. Donovan Jr. ’58, retired from telecommunications industry, instrumental in the design and operation of the Carolina Horse Park, and U.S. Marine Corps veteran; Jan. 2, 2004. James M. Durham ’58, retired decorated U.S. Army colonel, former vice president, Lear Siegler Services Inc., among other administrative posts; Jan. 23, 2004. David P. Norris ’59, retired owner, Canavan Technologies Inc., an environmental engineering firm, formerly with Union Carbide and Johnson & Johnson, and Korean War Navy veteran; Nov. 5, 2003.

Vance N. Jordan ’64, a leading dealer in American art and a pioneer in promoting the American Arts and Crafts Movement; Oct. 20, 2003. Ronald H. Martin ’64, former attorney, Zonni Ginocchio & Taylor; Feb. 12, 2003. C. Bruce Lepisto ’66, formerly with General Electric Co.; April 30, 2002. Russell J. Cardoza ’69, program manager for Raytheon, formerly with the U.S. Navy, and active in the Bristol Yacht Club; Oct. 17, 2003.

Scott L. Dignes ’79, real estate developer, proprietor of Britt Development LLC, and owner, The Station Restaurant in Mountain Lakes, N.J.; Nov. 20, 2003. James F. Wenz, M.D. ’87, chairman, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, assistant professor, and attending surgeon; Jan. 20, 2004. Tony John Keegan, MBA ’89, project engineer for Hamilton in Windsor Locks, Conn.; Oct. 19, 2003. Richard A. Tolmie Jr. ’91, employed by Intel Corp., and an avid sailor; Jan. 11, 2004.

Romesh K. Diwan, professor emeritus and former chair, economics, at Rensselaer; Jan. 12, 2004.

Rensselaer Magazine: Spring 2004
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