The information technology revolution is creating new entrepreneurial success stories every day. Following are some Rensselaer graduates making a name for themselves as entrepreneurs to watch:

  • Kwabena Akufo '80, co-founder and vice president of engineering for NetCore, a developer of data switches to handle Internet traffic for both long-distance and regional telephone companies. NetCore was acquired by Tellabs this summer for $575 million.
  • Mukesh Chatter '82 cofounded Nexabit, a developer of ultra-fast routers for the Internet, in 1996. Lucent Technologies announced in June that it was acquiring Nexabit Networks for $900 million. Chatter was named one of "the information economy's boldest innovators" in the Top Ten Entrepreneurs listing in the September issue of Red Herring magazine.
  • James Crowe '72, president and CEO of Level 3 Communications, has bold plans to build the first global fiber-optic local and long-distance phone network using Internet protocol. He believes his high-capacity, packet-switched $9 billion network could ultimately cut the cost of voice communications by 90 percent.
  • Alon Goren '87 is the chief technology officer and co-chairman of the board of Radiant Systems Inc., a maker of touch-screen applications for the retail and restaurant sector. In August, Radiant announced a partnership with America Online Inc. to make AOL's online services available at gas stations, restaurants, and movie theaters.
  • John MacFarlane '88 founded Software.com in 1993. In 1996 it merged with Accordance Corporation, creating a leading developer of Intranet/Internet-based server messaging software. MacFarlane is CEO of Software.com.
  • Curtis Priem '82 is co-founder and chief technical officer of NVIDIA Corporation, which designs, develops, and markets 3-D graphics processors and related software that provide high-performance interactive 3-D graphics to the mainstream PC market. The company went public in January.

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