Entrepreneur of the year Since 1990, Rensselaer has presented an annual Entrepreneur of the Year award to an individual who exemplifies entrepreneurial leadership. The following have been honored:

  • William Mow '59, founder of Macrodata and chairman and CEO, Bugle Boy Industries
  • Thomas LeFevre '71, co-founder and former vice president,
  • Sal Alfiero '64, founder, chairman, and CEO, Mark IV Industries
  • Paul Severino '69, founder, InterLan, Wellfleet Communications, Bay Networks, and chairman, NetCentric
  • Warren Bruggeman '46, former vice president, General Electric Company and director, Software Factory International
  • John Broadbent Jr. '59, co-founder, former vice president-finance,
     treasurer, and director, Arrow International
  • William Klein '62, director, Smartflex Systems, and retired
     chairman, Cerplex Group
  • Art Goldstein '57, chairman and CEO, Ionics
  • John Rigas '50, founder, chairman and CEO, Adelphia Cable Communications

This year's Entrepreneur of the Year celebration will be held Oct. 15. For more information, contact Jeanne Stefanik at (518) 276-8398 or stefaj@rpi.edu.

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