A Record-Breaking Year!

Rensselaer alumni, friends, parents, corporations, foundations, staff, and faculty contributed a total of $35.5 million in the 1998-99 fiscal year. Records were broken in the Annual Fund, corporate gifts-in-kind, and foundation grants. These gifts, in turn, will have a dramatic impact on education, research, and teaching at Rensselaer. A warm thank you to one and all!

A Permanent Tribute to Annual Fund Generosity

Thomsen '38
Carl "Tommy" Thomsen '38

Two donors have each made significant gifts of $100,000 or more to the Rensselaer Annual Fund—Carl J. (Tommy) Thomsen '38, honorary chairman of the board of trustees, and Trustee Nancy Mueller. To recognize their gifts, their names will be placed above two of the etched windows that surround the main interactive classroom the Troy Building. In May, the Carl J. Thomsen '38 window was dedicated. It depicts the development of the integrated circuit at Texas Instruments, where Thomsen was a leader for 36 years. This fall, Rensselaer will dedicate the window that carries the image of the Rensselaer seal and flag in honor of Nancy Mueller and her late husband, Glenn Mueller '64. Nancy made her gift to create a major 35th Reunion challenge to the Class of 1964, in which Frank Fisher '64 also joined.

Information Technology: Why Not Change the World?

On May 6, Sun Microsystems co-sponsored an industry forum with Rensselaer at Sun's Mountain View, Calif., campus. This forum brought together nearly 100 industry executives and entrepreneurs to discuss current and future trends with experts at the forefront of the IT revolution. Panel discussions focused on financing start-up information technology companies and on future opportunities created by the convergence of communications, computing, and entertainment. Featured speakers included: Ronald Posner '64, chairman, PS Capital LLC; Frank Quattrone, head of Credit Suisse First Boston Technology Group; Paul Severino '69, chairman, NetCentric Corp.; Wendell Van Auken '66, general partner, Mayfield Fund; Thomas Baruch '60, general partner CMEA Ventures; Gregory Hughes '67, vice provost, information technology, Rensselaer; and Edward Zander '68, president and chief operating officer, Sun Microsystems.

Pew Grant to Establish NEw Program at Rensselaer

Rensselaer recently won an $8.8 million grant from the Pew Charitable Trusts to help the nation's colleges use information technology to boost educational quality and reduce costs. The grant will establish the Pew Learning and Technology Program at Rensselaer and will be directed by Carol Twigg, former vice president of Educom and founder of the Learning Institute Initiative. The program will have three programmatic thrusts—the Pew Grant Program in Course Redesign, the Pew Symposia on Learning and Technology, and the Pew Learning and Technology Program Newsletter.

Dow Patents a Unique Gift

Dow Chemical Company has donated four patents and foreign equivalents to Rensselaer, valued at over $4 million. This contribution is part of Dow's strong commitment to education, research, and entrepreneurship. Three of the patents include all U.S. rights to a group of weatherable film technologies. The fourth gives Rensselaer U.S. and foreign rights to a barrier film technology used to protect the walls of appliances. Rensselaer faculty are presently working on licensing agreements for the technologies.

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