Mark McCarty

The Right Approach

By Laura Christine Mandat '99

Alumni who haven't been back to Troy lately might be surprised to see some of the changes occurring here. The city is experiencing a renewal of sorts; there's a spirit of rejuvenation.
 Take a stroll down the hill from the Rensselaer campus. Remember the Winslow Building on Eighth Street? Soon it will be home to a state-of-the-art children's museum. Just south of Winslow, the newly rebuilt Approach has been restored to its former elegance and grace. Next, head for the corner of Fulton Street and Fifth Avenue, where the Gurley Building is becoming the new home of the Lighting Research Center. Finally, stop at the intersection of River and First streets to see the historic Rice Building fresh and refurbished inside and out to house a new business incubator.
 All of these projects represent a strengthened connection between Rensselaer and the city of Troy, and Rensselaer alumni are playing a significant role in each of them.


A winning team: (l-r) Don Watson, Ralph Pascale (on ladder), Barbara Harris '88, Frank Pitts '75, Bob Rubin, Ian Finn '99 (kneeling), Vince Lepera '68, Mike Wacholder, Kevin O'Bryan, and Joe Fama '70 inside the Winslow Building, which is being renovated to become the new home of Troy's Junior Museum.