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Recent Books by Alumni Authors

Book cover: Brand Aid
Brand Aid
Brad VanAuken ’79
Amacom, February 2003

Brand Aid is a day-to-day quick-reference guide that provides solutions for the 40 most pressing problems faced by brand managers. The book provides an overview of the entire brand management and marketing process, as well as in-depth discussions of brand building on the Internet and internal brand building. Topics range from research, positioning, and advertising to brand equity management, including legal issues in brand management. The book features exercises, formulas, case studies, proprietary research findings, and a template for a complete brand audit.

Brad VanAuken ’79 is president and founder of BrandForward Inc. He was previously vice president of marketing at Element K, and director of brand management and marketing at Hallmark Cards.

Book cover: Avoid Market Loss With Trust Deed Investing
Avoid Market Loss With Trust Deed Investing
Casimir Domaszewicz ’54
iUniverse, 2002

This book provides an alternate investment option to consider in an unstable stock market. It describes how to put money to work by using trust deeds, secured by a borrower’s house, apartment building, or other real estate property. Avoid Market Loss covers methods of evaluating trust deeds, avoiding dangerous loans, expected interest rates, and problems to expect and how to minimize their impact. While the book has been written specifically for investing in trust deeds in California, the basic principles can be applied to those states that use mortgages.

Casimir Domaszewicz ’54 has been an active real estate broker for more than 25 years.

Book cover: Internet for Activists
Internet for Activists
Leonard Kranser ’53
iUniverse, 2002

Internet for Activists is a how-to guide to using Web sites and e-mail in grass-roots politics. The book blends technical knowledge with political and media experience, and it includes examples of how to create a Web site, gather content, reach a broad audience, and work with the traditional media.

Leonard Kranser ’53 based this book on his experiences as a volunteer in the El Toro airport campaign. His “El Toro Info” Web site won an Award of Excellence from the Public Relations Society of America.

Book cover: Macromedia ColdFusion MX Development
Macromedia ColdFusion MX Development
Eric Ladd ’88
Que, 2002

Macromedia ColdFusion MX Development introduces the new developer to the fundamental concepts of ColdFusion programming. It is presented in a tutorial-based format using a three-point visual approach: discussion/example code/screen capture. In case studies, readers learn to build a corporate intranet directory, a conference registration site, and an online store.

Eric Ladd ’88 is a principal and senior developer at NetLink Resource Group Inc. in Alexandria, Va., and one of the foremost authorities on ColdFusion development. He is co-author of six books for Que Publishing.

Book cover: The Elements of Aircraft Preliminary Design
The Elements of Aircraft Preliminary Design
Roger Schaufele ’49
Aries Publications, 2000

This book provides a logical, step-by-step approach to aircraft preliminary design. The procedures presented are consistent with basic theory, modified as needed to give practical design methods. Generous use is made of available data from actual aircraft designs. Information is provided to allow the preliminary design of a wide range of aircraft types.

Roger Schaufele ’49 held a number of key engineering posts at Douglas Aircraft Co., including project aerodynamicist, director of advanced design, director of technology, and vice president of engineering. He is currently professor of aircraft design at California State University, Long Beach.

Book cover: Portraits of Success
Portraits of Success
James Olan Hutcheson ’89
Dearborn Trade Publishing, 2002

Portraits of Success offers solutions to the most common problems faced by closely held firms as they strive to create value that can and will be sustained by future generations of management. The author, a business consultant and grandson of the portrait studio patriarch Olan Mills, presents proven management tools in tandem with illustrative examples from his clients’ companies and his own family’s business.

James Olan Hutcheson, MBA ’89, began his career with Olan Mills, rising to head the Olan Mills Studios. In 1995, he left the company to create a family business consulting firm and since then has become a frequent speaker, national media spokesperson, and author.

Rensselaer Magazine: March 2003
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