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Rensselaer Alumni Hall of Fame announces new class of honorees

Research by Carl Westerdahl

The Rensselaer Alumni Association created the Alumni Hall of Fame in 1995 to preserve and celebrate the exceptional heritage of alumni accomplishments throughout the years. Since Rensselaer’s founding in 1824, distinguished alumni and leaders of the Institute have forged frontiers in industry, science, education, and technology.

Howard Isermann ’42
Howard Isermann ’42
Photo by Mike Hamel

The newest class of inductees, announced at Reunion 2003 and in Rensselaer, brings to 49 the number of members of the Hall of Fame. They include a university president, famed physics educator, steel entrepreneur, pioneering woman Ph.D., sunscreen developer, geologist, acoustician, and astronaut. They will be formally inducted into the Hall of Fame at a ceremony on campus Sept. 19. Etched windows commemorating their accomplishments will be added to those lining Thomsen Hall in the Darrin Communications Center.

Howard P. Isermann
Sunscreen Developer, Trustee
Class of 1942 (1921- )
Douglass Houghton
Class of 1829 (1809-1845)
Walter E. Irving
Engineer, Inventor, Manager
Class of 1896 (1874-1958)
Robert Resnick
Physics Educator
(1923- )
Lois Graham
Leader in Engineering Education
Class of 1946 (1925- )
J. Christopher Jaffe
International Acoustician
Class of 1949 (1927- )
Myles N. Brand
Leader in Higher Education
Class of 1964 (1942- )
John L. Swigert Jr.
Class of 1965 (1931-1982)

The achievements of Rensselaer alumni have had important and far-reaching impact since the Institute’s founding in 1824. To permanently preserve and celebrate the long and exceptional heritage of our alumni, the Rensselaer Alumni Association created the Rensselaer Alumni Hall of Fame. Visit the Hall of Fame Web site to view the profiles of all new and previous inductees.

Rensselaer Magazine: June 2003
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