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On the Bookshelf
Recent Books by Alumni Authors


Gary Lynn ’93 and Richard Reilly
HarperBusiness, 2002

Blockbusters: The Five Keys to Developing Great New Products shares the results of a 10-year research study of more than 700 new product teams. It is highlighted by the inside stories of nearly 50 of the most creative and successful products ever launched, including the Black & Decker Dustbuster, Colgate’s Total toothpaste, and the Apple IIe computer. Using both winning and losing case studies, the authors explain in detail the five keys to blockbuster success: the responsibilities of senior management, a compelling vision of the product, the role of prototyping, the collaboration of people under pressure, and the process of information exchange.

Gary Lynn, Ph.D. ’93, has developed and commercialized his own products and, along with his co-author, is a professor at the Stevens Institute of Technology.

The Sweet Potato

The Sweet Potato
Paul Hsieh ’59, 2003

The Sweet Potato is a dramatized historic novel depicting wars and second-class life under Japanese colonialism, poverty and terror under Chinese Nationalists, and the struggle and triumph of trying to make it in America. It is a story of love without national, racial, and cultural boundaries.

“Sweet Potato” is a name coined by the Taiwanese from the shape of their island.

Paul Shea ’59 (aka Paul Hsieh) was born in Taiwan. He retired from Hughes Aircraft Co. in 1989 and now lives in Southern California.

MCAD/MCSD Visual Basic .NET: Windows Applications Study Guide

MCAD/MCSD Visual Basic .NET: Windows Applications Study Guide
David Panagrosso ’86, et al
McGraw-Hill/Osborne, 2002

This classroom-based training and self-assessment guide provides coverage of all objectives for exam 70-306 and provides the reader with focused study material. Based on IT training experience, the book contains hundreds of practice exam questions and hands-on exercises. A CD-ROM, included with the book, features practice exam software with interactive tutorials and lab simulations, plus an adaptive test engine.

David Panagrosso ’86 is an independent consultant and Microsoft certified solution developer. This is the fourth book to which he has contributed.

In Their Own Words

In Their Own Words
Scott Sacknoff ’89
Space Publications, 2003

In Their Own Words is a first-person glimpse into some of the astronauts and men who played critical roles in America’s early journeys into space and to the Moon. Edited by Sacknoff, the book features interviews with Robert Goddard, Alan Shepard, Pete Conrad Jr., Charles Duke, Jim Lovell, Fred Haise, and Walter Cronkite, among others. The interviews include reflections from the astronauts on their pioneering ventures into the unknown; first-person accounts of walking on the Moon; behind-the-scenes activity in the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs; and Robert Goddard’s thoughts as he watched his rocket rise above the New Mexico desert.

Scott Sacknoff ’89 is president of the International Space Business Council and publisher of the quarterly journal Quest: The History of Spaceflight.

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