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Academic Symposia

Moderating the symposium was Mary Good, managing member of Venture Capital Investors and a Rensselaer trustee. Also taking part were Hans Mark, director of defense research and engineering for the U.S. Department of Defense; G. Doyle Daves, Rensselaer interim provost; and William Baeslack III ’78, newly named dean of Rensselaer’s School of Engineering.   

At the third symposium, networking pioneer and Rensselaer Trustee Paul J. Severino ’69 delivered the keynote address, “Information Technology and Entrepreneurship: Driving the Economy.” Linking entrepreneurship with information technology is key to Rensselaer moving rapidly into the 21st century, he said.   

“We want to create a strong culture here at Rensselaer for innovation, for new product creation, and for new business startup,” Severino said. To accomplish that goal, Rensselaer must focus on recruiting venture capitalists from beyond the region who will invest in the Institute, he said.   

Having a successful business incubator program, the Technology Park, and the Severino Center for Technological Entrepreneurship (SCTE), Rensselaer has all the right “pieces” to be the innovator in high-tech entrepreneurship, said Severino, chairman of NetCentric Corp.

“We have the ability to be that anchor right here in the Capital District,” he says. “The challenge is to grow the size and scope.”

ACADEMIC SYMPOSIA: (l-r, top to bottom) The Darrin Communications Center; Donna Shalala; panel on IT; Chip Lawrence ’67; students asked questions; presenter and Rensselaer Trustee Paul Severino ’69; Engineering Dean William Baeslack ’78 with Jackson; Shyam Murarka, director of the Center for Integrated Electronics and Electronic Manufacturing; Jackson with NSF Director Rita Colwell and Rensselaer Trustee Mary Good.
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