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Recent Books by Alumni Authors

After 9-11: An Engineer’s Work at the World Trade Center
After 9-11: An Engineer’s Work at the World Trade Center
Donald Friedman ’86
Xlibris, 2002

The tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001, were the beginning of a 24-hour-per-day, seven-day-per-week effort by structural engineers to investigate the condition of the buildings remaining at the World Trade Center site, to work with the rescue and clean-up crews in evaluating the safety of the towering piles of rubble, and to try to explain what happened to the buildings as they collapsed. After 9-11 describes Friedman’s experiences on site and off as part of that effort, including descriptions of the damage to the buildings near the site, the methods used by engineers to assist the rescue and recovery work, and what it was like to be part of the civilian response to the disaster.

Donald Friedman ’86 is director of preservation at LZA Technology, a division of the Thornton-Tomasetti Group Inc.

Classical Fortran
Classical Fortran
Michael Kupferschmid ’68
Marcel Dekker,
Fortran is among the most ancient of computing languages, but it is still widely used for engineering and scientific calculations. This book defines a small and simple subset of Fortran carefully chosen for its utility in numerical computing, and treats this language in progressively greater depth. Starting from scratch for readers having no prior programming experience, the book gradually introduces all of the concepts most engineers and scientists need for casual programming and then moves on to advanced topics in memory management, program design, archaic usages, software development in Unix, code optimization, vector and parallel processing, Fortran-90, and High Performance Fortran. The emphasis throughout is on writing real programs for actual applications, with special attention to their logical correctness, numerical accuracy, and run-time performance.

Michael Kupferschmid ’68 is scientific programming consultant in Rensselaer’s Voorhees Computing Center. Many alumni used early versions of this book in Kupferschmid’s course when it had the more colorful title The Language of Peasants.

Breaking the Color Line in Medicine
Breaking the Color Line in Medicine
Lenworth N. Johnson ’80 and Bobby O.C. Daniels
Slack Inc., 2002

Breaking the Color Line in Medicine: African Americans in Ophthalmology presents the evolution of African Americans in this field of medicine. The book documents the prevailing social, political, educational, and religious factors in America over the past four centuries that affected the entrance of African Americans into ophthalmology. It then presents more than 50 biographical sketches of African Americans—born in the United States, Africa, the Caribbean, and Asia—who have achieved, under unique circumstances, their goal of becoming ophthalmologists.

Lenworth Johnson ’80, M.D., is a neuro-ophthalmologist and professor of ophthalmology and neurology at the Mason Eye Institute, University of Missouri-Columbia.

Setting the Table
Setting the Table
Keith Hocter ’92
Xlibris, 2002

Setting the Table provides practical advice to investment decision-makers sponsoring 401(k) or other employee-directed retirement plans. The book focuses on the plan sponsor, a manager who “sets the table” for employees by choosing which investment options they will use to invest for their retirement. Readers will find advice on everyday management and special “hot” topics, including company stock, self-directed brokerage, investment advice, lifestyle funds, and much more.

Keith Hocter, MBA ’92, is an investment consultant and co-founder of Bellwether Consulting in Cedar Grove, N.J.

Converged Networks and Services
Converged Networks and Services
Lawrence Gabuzda '76, Igor Faynberg, Hui-Lan Lu
John Wiley & Sons, 2000

Converged Networks and Services: Internetworking IP and the PSTN puts the future of convergence of the Internet and the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) in perspective, describing the network infrastructure and explaining how the PSTN and Internet are being modified to work with each other. The authors describe key technologies, provide an in-depth review of the relevant standards, and a detailed survey of emerging applications and products.

Lawrence Gabuzda ’76 and his co-authors worked together at Bell Labs, where they were responsible for strategizing the integration of the Internet with the PSTN.

Mechanical Analysis of Electronic Packaging Systems
Mechanical Analysis of Electronic Packaging Systems
Stephen McKeown '77
Marcel-Dekker, 1999

This reference provides a pragmatic approach to analyzing and remedying electronic packaging configuration problems. It evaluates packaging stresses and strains in thermal, mechanical, and life environments; reviews recent developments such as ball-grid array and multichip modules; explores hand calculations, symbolic equation solvers, spreadsheets, and finite-element analysis; describes technologies such as flow-through modules, heat pipes, thermoelectrics, and immersion/phase change cooling; and explains the setup and analysis of tests to measure or verify system performance.

Stephen McKeown ’77 is senior principal development engineer at Lockheed Martin Control Systems and author of articles on solder life analysis and other mechanical engineering topics.

Rensselaer Magazine: December 2002
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