Builder Extraordinaire
Claude Rounds, who, in June 2001, became Rensselaer’s vice president for administration after 15 years of service as vice president for plant management at Albany Medical Center, is overseeing massive new construction and restoration projects across campus.
No Time to Lose
Having completed the requirements for a B.S. in biochemistry and biophysics as a junior, Sarah Hobart jumped onto the Ph.D. fast track two years early. She expects to graduate from Rensselaer with her Ph.D. in 2004 — three years ahead of the typical schedule. Hobart is one of a handful of students participating in the accelerated Ph.D. program at Rensselaer.
New Associate VP for Research
Wolf von Maltzahn, former vice president of biomedical engineering at the Whitaker Foundation, became associate vice president for research in August. In this newly created position aimed at furthering the Institute’s rapidly expanding research presence, von Maltzahn will be responsible for faculty support services and will oversee the Office of Contracts and Grants.
Back-to-Back Winners
For two years in a row, Rensselaer faculty have won a coveted Humboldt Research Award for Senior U.S. Scientists from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Bonn, Germany. This year’s winner is Michael Shur, the Patricia W. and C. Sheldon Roberts ’48 Chair in Solid State Electronics; last year it was Martin Glicksman ’57, John Tod Horton Professor of Materials Engineering.