Community Outreach
Allison Newman, an experienced marketing and communications professional, was named director of community relations in December 2001. She is responsible for coordinating a growing array of enhanced community partnership programs and outreach efforts.
A Great Place to Work
In its Book of Lists for 2001-2002, the Capital District Business Review named Rensselaer 9th on the “Area’s Best Private-Sector Employers” list, and number 14 on the “Area’s Largest Private-Sector Employers” list.
Global Reach
Pulickel Ajayan, professor of materials science and engineering, is just one of many Rensselaer faculty whose research collaborations stretch around the world. Under a grant from the Japanese government, for example, he is working with researchers in Japan, Canada, the U.S., and England. Ajayan, educated in India and the U.S., performed research in Japan, France, and Germany before coming to Rensselaer in 1997.
Advancing Rensselaer
David Haviland ‘64, former vice president for student life and dean and professor of architecture, was named vice president for institute advancement in September 2000. A key drafter of The Rensselaer Plan, Haviland oversees alumni relations, fund raising, and public relations for the university.
Better Than Handmade
By automating the process of putting together gasket, electrode, and proton exchange membrane materials, the School of Engineering’s Flexible Manufacturing Center has succeeded in creating membrane electrode assemblies (the vital core of fuel cells) at least 10 times faster than a human can, and at levels of accuracy that are otherwise impossible to achieve.