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2001 Entrepreneur of the Year Honored

Mukesh Chatter ’82 was named the 2001 William F. Glaser ’53 Rensselaer Entrepreneur of the Year at a ceremony on campus Sept. 21. The award was established in 1990 by the Severino Center for Technological Entrepreneurship to honor Rensselaer alumni and others who are successful entrepreneurs and role models for Rensselaer students.

Founder, president, and CEO of Axiowave Networks Inc., Chatter is world-renowned for his expertise in the architecture, design, and development of state-of-the-art networking equipment and supercomputers. He holds several patents in these areas and is the inventor of the innovative scalable switching fabric technology that operates at multi-terabits per second.

Prior to founding Axiowave, Chatter was the co-founder, president, and CEO of Nexabit Networks Inc., an ultra-fast terabit switch/router company acquired by Lucent Technologies in July 1999. That same year, Red Herring Magazine named Chatter one of the top ten entrepreneurs in the country.

In his keynote address on Sept. 21, Chatter, who has a master’s degree in electrical, computer, and systems engineering from Rensselaer, lauded the Institute’s initiatives to infuse the aspects of entrepreneurship across the curriculum.

“Once the seed of entrepreneurship is planted, there is nothing like it,” said Chatter. “I urge you to try it.” Although experience is the best teacher, said Chatter, he also suggested students could benefit from courses in how to write and communicate effectively, how to understand the financial aspects of a business, and how to effectively work with the media.

However, the ultimate success of a business depends on its people, Chatter said.

“Furniture, fancy chairs, and expensive parties don’t bring in revenue,” he said. “People and equipment do. They are the two things we focus on and invest in. At the end of the day they are the only things that have the capability of making money for your business.”

Jeffrey Englert ’90 Promotion

RPI Air Force ROTC Assistant Professor Captain Jeffrey Englert ’90 was promoted to the rank of major on Aug. 31 by his father, the Honorable Dennis Englert, a justice in the town of Glenville.

Major Englert commanded the 70-member RPI Air Force cadet corps and has taught aerospace studies as an assistant professor since 1998. Englert left Rensselaer this fall for an assignment in Germany with the United States Air Forces Europe. His replacement is Captain Andrew DeRosa ’97.

Gambale '00 — Mogren '01 Wedding

Tammy Gambale '00 married Paul Mogren '01 on June 9, 2001, with many Rensselaer friends and alumni in attendance:

Back row, from left: Christopher Judson '02, Robert Cutting '01, Steve Green '98, Keith Piwowarski '98, Kevin Ring '02, Vincent Pasceri '01, Michael Holtzman '02, Philip McCutcheon '01

Middle row, from left: Kristina Ernst '00, William Schlutow '51, Elizabeth Macarilla '02, Tammy Gambale '00, Paul Mogren '01, Nora Ronan '01, Jonathan Kloptosky '01;

Front row, from left: Shawn Pearce '01, Maya Sutton '01, Marco Aimi '01, and Douglas Nocera '98.

They now reside in Troy, where Paul works as a software engineer at ProductivityNet, a student-founded software company. They can be reached at or

On the Bookshelf: Recent books by Alumni Authors

The Grid and the Village

Stephen Doheny-Farina ’84
Yale University Press, 2001

In January 1998 a massive ice storm descended on New York, New England, and eastern Canada. It crushed power grids from the Great Lakes to the North Atlantic, leaving great areas of the eastern seaboard without electricity for almost a month. In The Grid and the Village: Losing Electricity, Finding Community, Surviving Disaster, Doheny-Farina presents an insider’s account of these events, describing the destruction of the electric network in his own village and the emergence of the face-to-face interactions that took its place. His stories examine the impact of electronic communications on community, illuminating the relation between electronic and human connections and between networks and neighborhoods, and exploring how media portrayals of disasters can distort authentic experience.

The Grid and the Village is both a first-person account of surviving a major natural disaster and a treatise on the relationship between meteorology, technology, and sociology.

Doheny-Farina, Ph.D. ’84, is professor of technical communications at Clarkson University. He is also the author of The Wired Neighborhood, and is a frequent commentator on new kinds of media communications in newspapers, magazines, radio, and Web sites.

Fiddle House

Robert Adams ’55
Pentland Books, 2001

Robert Adams’ novel is a comical tale of a collection of irregulars who come together to live in an old English manor house where, amid an atmosphere of eccentric bliss, they pursue a life of light-hearted adventure. The merry group includes a weasel breeder, an animal hypnotist, a hot air balloonist, and an aging countess who flies the trapeze. Colorful companions support the antics of this gang, including a parrot who tipples, a falcon with a bent for mischief, a troop of monkeys, and a cat with a slightly skewed leg.
Robert Adams ’55 is a semi-retired management consultant who spent his 45-year career in the design and construction of engineering projects worldwide.

Network Security: A Beginner’s Guide

Eric Maiwald ’87
Osborne-McGraw Hill, 2001

The author explains the steps needed to effectively establish a security program appropriate for any organization, providing details on Internet architecture, e-commerce security needs, encryption, hacker techniques, and intrusion detection. He presents practical insight into actual program implementations in different environments through real-world case studies. Readers will learn how to set up and work with firewalls, smart cards, and access controls; develop and manage effective policies and procedures; secure Internet connections; recover from security breaches; and prevent hacker attacks.

Eric Maiwald ’87 is the chief technology officer of Fortrex Technologies. He is a certified information systems security professional, and patent holder.

Theory of Solidification

Stephen H. Davis ’60
Cambridge University Press, 2001

This book presents in a systematic way the field of continuum solidification theory based on instability phenomena. An understanding of the physics is developed by using examples of increasing complexity with the object of creating a deep physical insight applicable to more complex problems.

Stephen Davis ’60 is McCormick Professor and Walter P. Murphy Professor of Applied Mathematics at Northwestern University.

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Rensselaer Magazine: December 2001
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